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Technology for Better Healthcare

No description

Muna Jaradat

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Technology for Better Healthcare

Growing population reflects in tough challenge in providing better healthcare services
Technology for Better Healthcare
If asked,an average person would say that his or her priorities are
Public Health in Jordan
Growing population
Economic constrains
Aging population
Shortage of healthcare professionals
Qatar Death by Cause
Jordan Death by Cause
USA Death by Cause
Death by Cause in 4 Different Countries Including Jordan
UK Death by cause
37.3% of population in Jordan are under the age of 15 yrs.
Which will magnify the burden on Healthcare Services in the coming years
Age expectancy in Jordan for both genders have increased from 54 yrs in the year 1961 to 74.3 yrs in 2012
54 years
74 years
The life expectancy in Jordan has increased by 37% between the years 1961 and 2012
Total Number of Beds
In Jordan, the current Public Sector Healthcare systems
No Automation
clinical -Financial -Administrative
Need for business process empowerment to improve doctor patient experience
Statistics are manual
Delivered late with little room for adjustments
Poor integrated medical services
No continuity of care
The need to create, integrate and optimize the healthcare system proved to be necessity
Our Stakeholders
Our Vision
“To transform and sustain a continuously improving healthcare system in Jordan by leveraging technology”
EHS a private owned company funded by the government for serving Public Healthcare projects
Addressing the challenges of Jordan's public health sector according to the Royal direction
Computerizing the Kingdom’s public health sector.
Customizing VistA to the local health sector needs and requirements
Establishing EHS and creating Hakeem program as it’s first initiative that aims to deploy
Electronic Health Records
across Jordan’s public health sector civil and military Hospitals and clinics
Selecting VistA (Veterans Association platform) which is an open source, clinically driven, patient centric system
EHS Goals
Improved Healthcare
Cost Effectiveness
Raising the Level of Profession
Build Local Capacity
Through the implementation of
Electronic Health Records
Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) reduces medication administration errors.
Improve resources utilization by electronically archiving patient records
Minimize patient waiting time and optimize facility workflows
No more medication waste
Better Clinical Decision Making
Healthcare, to doctors it means
Help providers to effectively diagnose patients, reduce medical errors, and provide safer care through access to patient’s health records
Improving patient and provider interaction and communication, as well as health care convenienc
Integrate preventative healthcare tools such as clinical reminders
Electronic Health Record that include patient’s history, diseases and procedures.
Clinical reminder alert the ordering provider of critical lab results drug interactions.
Optimal recourse utilization by reducing operating cost.
Reducing repetition of Lab Tests
Less Waste
Decreasing Inpatient Admissions
Less Cost
Improving Care Management
More Outpatient Visits
The Value of Saving in Medication Consumption
The Value of Saving in Radiology Films
CT Scan
Tracking Efficiency of Operations
No. of Visits/ Physician
No. of Medications Orders/ Physician
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