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Web 2.0, New and Improved!

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Adrienne P

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Web 2.0, New and Improved!

Web 2.0: Top 10 Ideas to Make YOUR Life Easier!
Online radio
Doesn't compare to an old, out of date "boom box"
Plays songs that are selected by YOU.
Music is proven to stimulate the mind and helps concentrate...Pandora, it can only help!! 10. PANDORA 9. Twitter
A way for teachers/students to update others on class assignments, projects, tests, etc.
To help with homework/tutoring 8. Google Docs
Easy to revise for writing assignments
Simple way to connect online
NO paper, NO pen, NO mess!! 7. Blogs
An easy way to search others' stories, thoughts, opinions, & ideas. 6.Podcast/Webcast
Project idea, instead of just a powerpoint or poster
Instead of a book project, listen to podcast about the book
Easy way to listen to authors, new reporters, etc. 5. YouTube Can be used for research
Bring ideas for projects
Searching lyrics of songs (considered poems)
Listening to famous speeches, etc. 4. Prezi Online poster, slideshow, video, or all of the above!
Great for every project
Just a click away, and then grade
Fast, easy, & FREE!
3. Google Earth Online map
It takes up less space, doesn't rip, and is completely free!
Can visualize geography across the world (texture)
Instead of just a map hanging in the classroom, you can actually see the detail! 2. Think Quest aka think.com Online 'chalk board'
The day's work can be posted
Send emails
Communicate with other students about projects, tutoring, & homework 1. Search Engines
When used properly, can be very useful for research
Ex: Google.com , Yahoo.com , Ask.com , etc.
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