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About Me

No description

Max Muster

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of About Me

My Family
My parents are divorced
Both have new partners
I live with my mother, my two sisters and our dog Mimi
We became her from a Rescue Unit
My sisters are 14 and 18
We all have a lot in common and a good relationship
We have a lot of fun together
My friends
Go to parks, hear music and talk
Just have a great time
Travel a lot and go to new places
Girls evening
I love to grill with my best friend
We drive to the Nordsee
Monday, September 21, 2015
I am Marlene Pliefke
About Me
I'm 16 years old
Friends and family are the most important thing
Watching movies, going out and have fun.
I like to drive somewhere new and discover new places.
I do a lot of photos
YouTube is one of my favorite things
only English speaking YouTuber
I don't do any sports
I used to play the piano and the guitar

A Photo
me and my two sisters
pig stature
a pig and a piglet
I'm in the middle
a very green background
what we are wearing
animal park at a pig pen

Where do I live?
South Distric, Hanover
since 2008
very close to the Maschsee
every year Maschseefest
about 42,000 inhabitants
pretty surroundings
delicious restaurants
vintage shops
parks and green areas
Travel the world
Number one
Asia, Thailand
Blue and clear water
My Biggest Dreams
My Biggest Dreams
I want to live in England
Been there twice and fell in love
I love the language
The architecture and the old buildings
Small streets and shopping miles
The food
The weather doesn't bother me
I love everything about it!
My Favorites
My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice
Favorite food is pizza and spaghetti bolognese
Italian Food
Favorite Book is Me Before You
My favorite series is Friends
Favorite music the 1975 and Ed Sheeran
My favorite actor is James McAvoy
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