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career presentation

Rean Ubungen

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Archaeologist

ARCHAEOLOGIST An anthropologist who studies prehistoric people and their culture Archaeologist unravel the past and find out the truth in life Archaeologist discovers, collects, and
analyzes the remains of past cultures HOW DO I GET THERE? Becoming an archaeologist isn't easy. To become an archaeologist takes education, reading, training, and persistence. Becoming a professional archaeologist not only provides enough money, but can lead you to many exciting adventures and stories that the artifacts you hold can tell. REQUIREMENTS ARCHAEOLOGIST It is where the adventure starts.
And ENDS. Archaeology majors must complete all requirements of the General College. A minimum of a bachelor's degree in archaeology WHAT ARE MY REQ UIRE MEN TS? HERE'S A LIST OF SOME Expectations Working in various places and in any extreme weather conditions. The salary is $27,057 to $70.260. Benefits Benefits to being an archaeologist is if you find something very historical, you're practically going to be famous. You will be offered a great deal of money. What is there to find? WHAT ARE THE EXPECT Archaeologists have many locations in which they do their jobs at. FOR EXAMPLE SITES "DIGS" MUSEUMS LABS Ball State University IN Cabrillo College CA New York University NY Bridgewater State University MA Fresno City College CA Hamilton College NY SCHOOLS THAT OFFER Visiting tons of places while benefiting your skills You can find your own thousand dollar bills in the ground somewhere WHAT ABOUT THE RISKS SOME RISKS INCLUDES Going into dangerous places like Or even the Hot and Barren Deserts and
ANCIENT Temples The Amazon Jungle Or EVEN the steep rocky mountains of NORTH AMERICA But Overall YOU FIND AN ADVENTURE THANKS BY: FOR WATCHING! Rean Ubungen Joseph De Leon Francis Santiago ATIONS? What Works an average of hours a day hours a week are the average working hours? ? 40 8 SUBJECTS NEEDED Geography History Social Studies Math Physics Biology Technology Chemistry Jose Vega HERE"S A YOUTUBE VIDEO!
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