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A Guide To Surviving Middle School

Middle school is just around the corner! You have a chance to make new friends, do more work and learn new things and also get a lot more responsible. But be prepared by following this simple guide.

Amy Middleton

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of A Guide To Surviving Middle School

Get up and get that brain of yours to work! In secondary there will be people from all schools. Remember "the first bite is with the eye". One group of people are "the bullies". Their only aim is to make you feel bad about yourself. Another group are "the softies". They are really shy. The last group are the "care frees". That is the best group because what is better than being yourself, doing your responsibilities and being free? Even if it means starting by yourself. You will find many people who want to be in this group but were not ready to take the steps. Studies, Tests and Subjects Are you getting ready for middle school? Kids from different schools and maybe even home-schooled kids will be starting middle school in the coming academic year. They probably have a lot of questions like you. For example, "Will my friends be in my classes?" or "Is my teacher a very strict teacher or a kind teacher?" etc. In this guide, you'll get a lot of middle school tips and tricks and in no time, YOU will be a middle school pro! There are gonna be tests, and the homework is something you really gotta be prepared for. You will get tests that will set your grades for the whole year, including Maths, English, Science, Cooking, Architecture, Fabric Designing, Writing, Sport etc. The homework is 10 times the amount in your primary school so be prepared. Your going to have IB tests and you depend on your grades because your grades make your life. The higher grades the better university you get in. So work hard on studies though don't take to much pressure. . Just be prepared, here's a solution: think yourself as the best in all of the subjects, but don't become too proud, becoming proud would be meaning getting closer to the bullies group. REFERENCES Friendship 2. Your best friend is hanging out with somebody else.
You can...
a. get jealous and give your friend a mean shoulder so she would get the
hint that your upset
b. try to get to know the new girl better and make friends as well. She
might turn out to be a great friend too. Responsibilities In Secondary you will have a lot of responsibilities such as:

. Being in class on time

. Doing homework

. remaining focused

. Bringing in all the necessary items

. completing all assignments

. participating in all class discussions and question and answer sessions. http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Middle-School-AmericanLibrary/dp/158485877X#reader_158485877X



A smart girls guide to surviving middle school 1. When you found out that none of your friends were in your class. You will....
a. feel nervous, but face it bravely.
b. Ask the guidance counselor to change your schedule so you
could be with your friends. GETTING INVOLVED Middle school has many activities which you can get involved
in. Some of these include sports, art, band, dance e.t.c. You
can make many new friends while taking your new class.
You don't have to be good at the activities you choose. CLASS WORK In class you should take notes and listen. If you don't pay attention you won't be able to understand anything later. Middle school isn't just about your social life. You should try to be smart and get good grades.

Ask questions in class. When you have the slightest doubt about something. Who knows? Maybe that question will help you on your test. It usually does! Option 1 Get some advice on how to survive in middle school and what are
our responsibilities so that we have a clear idea of how to behave Option 2 We take a risk and make try to survive on our own without any help. Tough Get so scared that we decide to try and avoid middle school and try to persuade our
parents to send us to boarding school Option 3
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