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Juliet by Anne Forseit

Adopt An Author

Chyna Goodman

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Juliet by Anne Forseit

Juliet by Anne Foresit Presentation By Chyna Goodman That is the Author of Juliet Anne Fortier grew up in Denmark and immigrated to the USA in 2002 .Her first novel Hyrder Baa Bjert (Danish language) was published in Denmark at 2005 and again in 2011. She co-produced the Emmy –Winning documentary fire and ice. She holds a PhD. in the History of ideas from Aarhus University, Denmark. Here’s a cool fact she is a veteran. Her dates of service are 1963-1966. Her units of service(s): Brook army medical center; Kirk army hospital; national naval medical center. Location of service(s) were Fort McClean, Alambama, Fort Sam Houston, Texas National Naval Medical Center Maryland Nasal Goddard Space Flight, Virginia. Her home state is Maryland. She was in an interview and these are the questions and answers.

Q: What compelled you to write a story?
A: There were only a few books she liked in her childhood. So she wrote stories that she knew she would like.
Q: What inspired you to be a writer and how long has this fuse been?
A: I wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. Video of the Trailer of Juliet Fortier,Anne
http://www.annefortier.com/events.html. (accessed October 15,2012). Works Cited This is the book that Anne Fortier wrote. The End!!!!!!! In the book Juliet I learned that there are two categories that you are put in. Either you were a Tolomei or a Salimbeni. Tolomei are the good guys and the Salimbeni the bad guys. The Salimbeni tried to kill the ancient Romeo. The present Romeo is still alive and hopefully will stay alive. Juliet has run into a women named Eva Maria and she is a Salimbeni. Juliet's sister thinks that she should keep a eye out for Eva Maria, but Juliet doesn't listen. A young man named Alessandro has to watch Juliet in case of danger. Alessandro knows that Juliet has told Eva Maria that she is Guiletta Tolomei. Eva Maria believes her and Alessandro doesn't and they become enemies very fast. Later on they become friends again and start to spend time with each other. Her house keeper that worked for Aunt Rose is a serial killer. He is trying to find Romeo and kill him once and for all but he doesn't know who he is. he goes for the weakest one in the family and goes after Juliet. Juliet tells him that she is trying to find out for herself and she cant find him so Umberto comes to italy even though he is banned.
Juliet finds out who her Romeo is, but dosen't think they will live happily ever after. Or maybe they will......... Summary of Juliet Juliet lived in the United States forever. Then all of a sudden her Aunt Rose died.Her Aunt left her twin sister,Janice, her house, her money, her cars.(just to let you know her aunt is filthy rich........)All Juliet got was a letter. So,in the letter it had some drama that was supposed to be dealt with her mother but her mother, Diana Tolomei, died in a suspicious "car accident".(that was a lie.)Juliet later found out that her real name is Giulietta Tolomei.Her sister's real name is Giannanzo Tolomei. the Statue of romeo and Juliet
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