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What is SaaS: Soaring in the Clouds

Software as a Service (SaaS) is growing in popularity and offers a lot of value to companies, like reduced hardware and software maintenance, greater info system management and better colaboration. This Prezi will show you why SaaS makes sense!

ACHeck21 Admin

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of What is SaaS: Soaring in the Clouds

What is SaaS: Soaring in the Clouds What is SaaS? Different Uses for SaaS Why do you care about SaaS? Lighten your work load and start soaring with the SaaS clouds! SaaS = Software as a service
and now:
ACH/RDC Hub Short answer: Efficiency = COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Efficient Presented by Reduce hardware and software maintenance The host maintains everything
including updates and patches Cut the bulk, Pay per use Pay only for the services you use, rather than wasting money on an expensive bloated license Easier administration
and collaboration Compatibility All users have the same version of the software because updates and patches are applied as the host makes them. (Hint: this goes back to the speed and efficiency point) Global accessibility Scalability and Security Speedy Integration Since there is no software to install and no hardware to configure, setup is a breeze! It may take from 2-7 days for a financial institution, and as little as 10 minutes for a customer! Speed AND efficiency? That's more like it. Scalability SaaS grows as you do. No cap on growth. Information is encrypted We handle this part You keep doing what you do best more efficiently Pricing Pay per item, not dollar amount Volume discounts
Minimal Setup fee Inexpensive Easy Secure About SaaS ACH and Check21 all in one Eliminates duplication
Fewer people to coordinate with
Easiest installation in the industry
Built in fraud detection
Works alone, or in conjunction with any system
Compatible with 120+ check scanners
Ultra low entry cost Software distribution model (the software part)
Applications are hosted by a vendor/service provider (the service part)
Over a network/internet
Diagram examples For more information about how ACHeck21 SaaS can fit your business, please call 866-632-5415 or email us at sales@acheck21.com You aren't bound to a single location. More flexibility means more timely responses. Keep your team on the same page with SaaS cloud interface. SaaS can operate as your CRM or, in our case, your ACH/RDC solution. Get the right company that can work with you no matter what size your business is. Security AND 256 bit encryption proprietary encryption pattern Web farm isolated from internal system by 3 layer network
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