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Sense and Sensibility

No description

Alex Dix

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Sense and Sensibility

By: Jane Austen Sense and Sensibility Mrs. Dashwood: Characters: Plot: Mr. John Dashwood Mrs. John Dashwood Marianne Dashwood Elinor Dashwood: Climax Quotes: Setting: Conclusion: Rising Actions: Thesis: Literary Devices Colonel Brandon Margaret Dashwood Edward Ferrars Lady Middleton Sir John Middleton John Willoughby Mrs. Jennings Lucy Steele Anne Steele Eldest sister of the three. She has more sense then sensibility. She is also in love with Mr. Edward Ferrars. She is a kind mother of the three sisters; Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret. The middle sister who falls in love with John Willoughby, after Colonel Brandon has fallen for her. 13-year-old youngest sister. Not biologically related to Mrs. Dashwood. Upon his wife's request, he doesn't help his sisters and mother finically after their father has passed. She is the wife of Mr. John Dashwood. She is conceited and selfish. Mrs. John Dashwood's brother who falls in love with Elinor Dashwood when she lives with them. 35-year-old man who falls for Marianne (16). He is also on of Sir John Middleton's friends. Younger man who falls for Marianne. Mrs. Jennings cousin who admits to Elinor that she's been engaged to Edward for 4 years. "Neighbor" who is kind to the Dashwood sisters after they moved. Sir John Middleton's wife. Lady Middleton's mother. She's very opinionated. Lucy's older sister. Then they move a little north of Exeter. They originally lived in Sussex, England. The time period of the book is the early eighteen hundreds. The Dashwood sisters and mother live with their step-brother and his family at home after their father has passed. They are not fond of Fanny (Mrs. John Dashwood) and quickly find a house hours away. Unfortunately, Elinor has already fallen in love with Edward Ferrars (Fanny's brother who was also living with them.) Marianne has a rather amusing good-bye speech and they're off. They move to a little cottage in Exeter, England. Soon after they get there, a man named Sir John Middleton. He's a neighbor who welcomes them to the town and offers any assistance. At a dance (at Sir John Middleton's house), an older man (35) named Colonel Brandon fell for Marianne who is 16 years old. She doesn't feel the same even though Elinor tries to convince her that he would be a very good husband. Luckily, Marianne doesn't accept Colonel Brandon's affection. One afternoon Marianne and Margaret were on a walk when it started to storm. While they were running home, Marianne fell and twisted her ankle. Fortunately, a man named John Willoughby was riding his horse through the woods at the same time and helped her home. Soon after Willoughby and Marianne meet, they fall in love. It is a very childish and foolish love though. Her mother and Margaret find their love adorable, Elinor thinks she is being arrogant or having no sense. During the next part of the book, Elinor becomes kind of depressed that Edward still hasn't come to visit. Marianne and Willoughby is much in love my this part. He takes up a lot of her time. Elinor doesn't like this. After Colonel Brandon leaves unexpectedly, Willoughby comes by and announces that he has to go away on business for most likely a year. Marianne is very upset about this news and doesn't eat. Soon after Willoughby's departure, Edward comes to see Elinor. Elinor and Marianne become aware that Edward is acting weird and they soon find that he has a ring with a lock of hair in it. (This means that you are engaged to someone). Marianne is excited about the news but Elinor is confused. She doesn't remember giving him a piece of her hair. But contrary to everyone's assumptions, Edward says that it is Fanny's hair and that the light and setting changes it's shade. Falling Actions: Edward stayed for a weeks total and although his mood wasn't great, it improved the last few days. On the last day of his visit, he and Mrs. Dashwood had a conversation about what he wants to do with his life. He says that he doesn't really know and this upsets Elinor because she is very realistic and wants a man who is confident and proud with his profession. After Edward has left, Sir John Middleton shows up with annoying guests (Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Jennings daughter and her husband.) Mrs. Palmer insists that the girls need to visit them. During the whole conversation, she is almost talking for her husband (he doesn't seem very outgoing.) The sister deny her request many times. Just after the Palmer's leave, new guests arrive. Lucy and Anne Steele. Elinor thinks that Lucy is clever, but also ignorant and illiterate. While talking to her one day, Elinor finds out that Lucy and Edward have been engaged for 4 years! "I am not likely to be deceived as to the name of the man on who all of my happiness depends..." Elinor doesn't understand how Edward could love someone so "illiterate, artful, and selfish." She also promised herself and Lucy not to tell anyone, so she grieves by herself. Over the next few days, all Lucy wants to talk about is her love for Edward. Somehow, Elinor stays strong and calmly listens to her explain their love and relation ship. In the winter season, Mrs. Jennings asks the eldest Dashwood girls to accompany her to her winter house. The girls decline, saying that they don't want to leave their mother. Their mother insists on them going to London so they agree. Elinor is still hesitant though because she doesn't want to come to a situation with herself, Lucy, and Edward. Marianne was very excited once they arrived in town because Willoughby was there. Once at the house, Elinor wrote a letter to their mother and Marianne wrote a letter to Willoughby. Soon, a knock was heard from the door and Marianne readied her arms for Willoughby but was upset to find only Colonel Brandon. Willoughby still doesn't show and Marianne blames the rainy weather. Later, they are all invited to a party and when Willoughby doesn't even show for that, Marianne becomes somewhat depressed. Willoughby still does not write. When Marianne and Elinor are supposed to go to a party, Marianne is so upset that she is simply "careless of her appearance."
That's unfortunate because she spots Willoughby at the dance and approaches him. Marianne and Willoughby argue at the dance about the frequent letters she has been sending him. He argues back that she is never home when he comes to visit. After talking about this, Marianne asks him what is upsetting him however he won't say. The next morning, after the dance, Willoughby sent a letter that apologizes for his rudeness at the party. However, he states that he is now engaged to another woman. He also sent back, all three notes that Marianne had sent to him while she was in town. Also, the most heartbreaking thing in the letter was the return of her lock of hair which ultimately symbolizes the end of their relationship. Marianne and Elinor gain a closer and stronger relationship as they both try to comfort each other. Marianne begged Elinor to let them leave the next day. She said that the only reason she came was for Willoughby and now he doesn't love her anymore. Elinor declines the request while the sorrowful Marianne fell asleep. As the days go on, Mrs. Jennings tries to comfort Marianne but says a lot of wrong things. EX: "Poor thing! She looks very bad!" At another party, Colonel Brandon confronted Elinor and asked if the rumors he had heard of Marianne were true.
He visits her later on to explain is past encounter with love. Marianne receives sympathy from many people through out the next few day. Also, Elinor tells her of Colonel Brandon's past. Marianne sympathizes for him. Colonel Brandon's story: He was in love with a woman named Eliza. She married his brother to make sure that she would receive the family fortune. After treating her horribly, they were divorced and she was never heard from for a while. He once found her almost dead in her house and he cared for her until she died. Afterwords, he cared for her 3-year-old daughter. Now the daughter was grown up and it had been recently brought to his attention that she was the one that stole Willoughby from Marianne. How ironic! The sisters find that their brother has been in town for 2 days but "hasn't had time to see them." They all are invited to a party were they catch up on recent events. The party is made extremely awkward when Edward arrives and finds Lucy and Elinor talking to each other. It is then announced in the newspaper that Mr. and Mrs. Palmer had had a baby boy. Something amusing about the story was the fact that this new baby didn't phase Mr. Palmer. He said that all babies look alike. It became public that Edward had a previous engagement with Lucy. This seems to cause the sisters bond to become stronger because they can relate to their heartbreaking situations. Their brother visits to tell them that Edward's mother has stated that if he does not stop the engagement, she will disown him. When he rejects that option she does indeed disown him from the family and states that she will give all of her inheritance to Robert, the younger brother. Before leaving to return home, Colonel Brandon visits Elinor again to give her one more message. He wants her to tell Edward that he is welcomed to use his home after marrying Lucy. She tells Edward of the generosity and he is appalled by the massive gesture. The sisters travel to Cleveland to visit the Palmers. Marianne is still deeply depressed. After taking long walks in the cold, she gets terribly ill and her mother is brought to her my Colonel Brandon. The plot of Sense and Sensibility is simply, two sisters falling in love with completely different guy. They also have completely different ideas on love and life. One has sense and the other has sensibility. The book Sense and Sensibilities shows love from all ends of the spectrum. 1. Sense and Sensibility shows mature love.
- Mr. and Mrs. Palmer
- Elinor and Edward
- Mr. John Dashwood and Mrs. John Dashwood
2. Sense and Sensibility shows immature, childish love.
- Marianne and Willoughby.
- Lucy and Edward 3. Sense and Sensibility shows sadness in love.
- Mrs. Dashwood and Mr. Dashwood (death)
- Willoughby and Marianne (heartbreak)
As Marianne got better, the family began to return to normalcy. But one day while she was sleeping, Willoughby showed up at her house and pleaded with Elinor to listen to him. He poured out his whole story about how he didn't mean to hurt her. This was told to Marianne when she was right and well. Thankfully, she had gotten over him and the speech had almost no effect on her. News was then brought to Elinor that Ferrars had married. She collapsed with despair. Just days later, Edward appeared on her door step. After having a conversazione with him, she figured out that it was his brother who married Lucy! She'd left Edward for him because of money! Elinor was literally screaming with joy and they were soon engaged.
Marianne and Colonel Brandon began to grow a relationship after he aided her through her weakest hours. They were also soon wed. The families remained close and continued the little community. Theme: Love comes in all ways. Theme II: Love is patient. Foreshadow: You could foreshadow the fact that Mrs. Dashwood and the sister would move because they were always mentioning how much they hated that house and Fanny. Mood: Depressed. When Willoughby leaves Marianne and she falls into deep despair. Point of View: 3rd person. Symbolism: seeking. Imagery: the constant traveling represents the constant feelings and change in emotion. Allusion: Queen Mab is a character in other stories as well. Metaphor: The title of the book. "He has loved her, me Elinor, ever since the first moment of seeing her..." "When I fall in love, it will be forever." "Know your own happiness." "to hope was to expect." Character Pictures: Elinor Marianne Margaret Colonel Brandon Edward Finis!
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