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Zombie Survival

No description

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Zombie Survival

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Escaping the School
Have several people barricade Doyle's doors with desks. Have others take closest desk and use it to smash the windows. When Running, take at least 3 bags with us
@Nick's House
Empty out any unneeded objects from the backpacks and fill them with water bottles, canned food, and medical supplies. Take 2 cars with loaded supplies to next destination
Drive to Sean's house
(Mcguire Road)
@Sean's House
While at Sean's, gather more supplies such as car fuel and emergency food supply. Make an emergency fridge in order to keep some food fresh longer. Try to also get a gun with some ammunition
Drive to Ashley's house (Main Street)
@Ashley's House
Gather more food and get other weapons such as swords and guns. Raid the gas station across the street for any extra supplies
House in Easton
Day 2
still in Easton
Supplies to Grab

Current Supplies
Empty Backpacks (3)
Water Bottles
Supplies to Grab
water bottles
medical supplies
canned food
cell phones
Supplies to Grab
solar chargers
car fuel
Portable Fridge
Supplies to Grab
Samurai Swords
Guns (2)
Extra food
car fuel
Find abandoned/Friends house in area to be used as shelter for the night. If house is abandoned, raid for any extra food/supplies
Farm Tools
If farm house is abandoned, use that as a resting place.
If not, find the closest indoor shelter that can be defended or head back to David's House
(eg. abandoned house)
Day 3

Make our way to Storrs, CT
@Storrs, CT
Quick Note
Friend's House to take
Alex's friend David
Head over to Uconn and find a defendable dorm. If none are applicable, then take Nathan Hale Inn
Quick Notes
Once location is confirmed...(dorm/hotel)
clear any zombies inside
transfer supplies to & from
build up barricades/defenses
wood to board of windows/doors
furniture to block doors
That Night...
Build up on the defenses to secure safety and search the building for any more extra/useable supplies
Supplies to Grab
Before leaving
water bottles
hammer nails
Abandoned Farm
Find closest abandoned farm in area and raid for food/supplies
(*Priority if house in Easton wasn't abandoned)
Zombie Survival Plan
Run to Nick's House
Drive to Easton
(Place to spend the night)
(72 Hours)
Long Term Plan
Turn Uconn Campus into a self sufficient area for survival.
work with any remaining survivors
forage for:
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