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Becoming A Ref

No description

Judah Johnson

on 26 March 2018

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Transcript of Becoming A Ref

How I Will Use
Critical Thinking
- Use logic and reasoning.
- Adjusting in reaction to others actions.
- Teaching others how to do something.
- Persuading others to see a different point of view.
I will be getting my soccer referee license through a state run course.
I will be taking a 5 hour online course.
I will also take a 10 hour classroom course.

My class instructor will be my facilitator/mentor during y project. He is a teacher of this course and also a professional referee so he will be able to teach me the necessary skills to succeed in my project.
Why Did I Choose This?
I chose this product because i like soccer.
I know a professional soccer ref and heard many stories.
I want do something sport related for my future career.
Critical Thinking
Becoming A Licensed Referee
Experience and Stretch
Skill Acquisition
Sports Referee
Play soccer
Watch soccer
Know a referee
Never refereed a sport before.
Never been in a position of authority in a sport. (Coach, Ref, Umpire,etc...)
I will be gaining my skills through two courses
1 online 5 hour course
1 in a class 10 hour course.
I will end my learning experience with a test.
There is not a lot of referees in the world. And out of the referees in professional soccer most are biased towards favorite teams and make bad calls. I also want to challenge myself to pursue.a career in something i'm passionate about.
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