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Senior Multi-Media Project

English IV

Jarra Exum

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Senior Multi-Media Project

Senior Multi-Media Project
Part I: Introduction:
Title of your project
Title of the class (English IV)
Project due date
Paternal Side
Arthur Muriel Pipkin
Geraldeen Smith-Pipkin
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Bettye Jaylene Treadway-Pipkin
Michael Louis Pipkin
Jimmie Joe Treadway
Eleanor Kaye Buckelew-Treadway
Maternal Side
Thomas Muriel Pipkin
Great- Grandmother:
Dora Mae Pipkin
Grady Smith
Great Grandmother:
Betty Smith
George Washington Treadway
Lillian Boaz-Treadway
William Irelet Buckelew
Great Grandmother:
Sarah Elizabeth Roberts-Buckelew
Jarra Kaye Exum

Senior Memories
English IV-1
April 27th, 2012
Chapter 1: “My Heritage”

• A family tree
at least 3-4 generations back (This tree includes you so that means you must go back at least to your great-grandparents.)
You may do one side of your family or you may do both sides of your family.
You may include just you, your parents, grandparents, and your great-grandparents, or you may wish to include brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. That is your choice.

•Research your family name.
Explain, if possible, what it means.
If you do not want to do your last name, you can do a step-parent’s last name or your mother’s maiden name. It is whatever you prefer.

•Tell what country/countries from which your ancestors originate from.
Chapter 2: “My family”

Explain what people are in your family now (those that live in the house with you).
You may include your immediate family, a step family, or adopted family. Do your grandparents live with you? Etc.

You must include pictures, descriptions, and important information
My Family
Chapter 3: “The World When I was Born”

Include things like:
Who was the President?
What was happening in the world of entertainment like movies, songs, t.v., Grammy/ Oscar awards, etc.?
What was happening in the world of sports like who won the Super Bowl, World Series, etc.?
What zodiac sign were you born under?
What is your birthstone?
Were there any famous people born on your birth date?
What was the price of any items during this time?

This list must include at least 10 items although you may list as many as you like.
President: Ronald Reagan
When I was Born...
Best Album: Thriller, Michael Jackson
Super Bowl XVII: Washington Redskins vs. Miami Dolphins
Score: 27-17
Most popular Toy: Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony
Most popular Cartoons: Transformers & Thundercats
Pipkin = English in origin meaning "pottery maker"

Exum = English in origin believed to be derived from "executioner"
Chapter 4: “Suddenly, I Became Me”

When and where were you born?
Were there any unusual or humorous circumstances surrounding your birth?
How was your name chosen?
What were the first couple of years like? (Maybe include when you got your first tooth, said your first word, took your first step, etc.)
Favorite things as a child
Chapter 5: “Favorite Moment from Childhood”

What was your favorite moment from childhood? Was it a vacation, a school memory, a friend you loved? Etc.

Extra Credit:
Add quotes from family and childhood friends about what you were like then.
Chapter 7: “School Bells”

Write about kindergarten through Grade 5.
When did you learning to read, write, add, subtract, etc.
Who were your special friends?
Your special teachers?
Were you in any special school programs?
Tell what town you lived in and what school you attended.
What activities did you begin to enjoy during these six years?
Chapter 8: “Growing Pains and Crushes

Who was your first crush? What happened?
What activities were you in during this time?
Did you try playing any sports? Which ones?
What was your most embarrassing moment?
Extra Credit:
Have one adult from one of your early extra-curricular activities provide a quote describing you during this time period in your life. (i.e. little league coach, art teacher, dance teacher, piano teacher, Scoutmaster, minister, etc.)
Have your first boyfriend/girlfriend write a quote about you.
You or one of your parents write about an embarrassing moment during this time when all pre-teens become clumsy, gawky, etc.
Chapter 9: “Middle School”

Write about 6th-8th grade
Who were your friends?
Your teachers?
Were you in any special school programs?
Tell what town you lived in and what school you attended.
What activities did you begin to enjoy during these six years?

Extra Credit:
Have one of your middle school teachers write a quote about you.
libras are typically fair, unselfish, and caring
Best Picture: "Terms of Endearment"
October Birthstone: Opal
John Lennon, the founding member of the
, Shares my birthday: October 9th. He is a legendary figure in music history. His untimely murder in 1980 evoked a deep sadness in the pop music world that reverberates even today.
Gas cost $1.15 a gallon
Jarra Kaye Pipkin
7 lbs 12 oz
Born in Helena, Arkansas
I was the first white baby born at that hospital.
My grandma (looking in at all the babies in the nursery) asked "Which one is ours?"
My name was created by mashing my grandmother's names together. Gerri + Sarah = Jarra + Kaye (My other grandma's name)
My favorite thing as a child was Bert and Ernie
Every summer, my entire family (both sides because my grandparents were friends) would go camping together. It was really neat having all of my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins together every year. It was like a family reunion, but without the awkward "I haven't seen you since you were THIS big" comments :)
I spent most of gradeschool at Latta Elementary in Ada Oklahoma. My mother had taught me to read before I started school, so Kindergarten through 5th grade were easier for me. I was in the Gifted and Talented program, and I began singing the national anthem at sporting events when I was in the 1st grade. We moved to Waco the summer before 5th grade. I spent 5th grade at Connally Intermediate School. My best friends that year were: Rachel Mann and Desiree Belville.
My first crush was also my first boyfirend, but it didn't happen in that order. When I was in 1st grade, I met a little boy at daycare that I thought was cute and he would hold my hand and play "house" with me. He moved away at the end of 1st grade, and I was heartbroken. When I was in the third grade, he moved back to my school. I remembered him, but he did not remember me. I never had the nerve to tell him how he used to hold my hand, and that I had never stopped liking him.
Chapter 10: “Besides My Parents, There Was ________”

Who was the one most influential person, other than your parents, in your life.
I know this is difficult to do, but don’t waffle here and try to select more than one. Do some soul searching and choose the ONE person who has been MOST influential. Tell why you chose that person.
I had a teacher in the 4th grade named Mrs. Johnson. She had previously taught in Alaska where they had done the Shirley English Method. This is a method of teaching grammar that is typically taught to home-schooled kids. It involved jingles and chants. For the first time, language made sense to me. She also had us write a daily journal. She was so impressed with my stories that I was asked to read one aloud to the entire student body. I still have that journal somewhere :)
Chapter 11: “Freshman Year”

How was your freshman year? What were some of your anxieties? How was the transition from middle school to high school? What were some of the horror stories you had heard about high school? Were any of them true?
How did you manage to “fit in” to high school life? Did you get involved in any extra curricular activities? Who were your friends? Your favorite teachers? What were some memorable moments during this year?
Add anything else about your freshman year that you would like to add.

Extra Credit:
•Have at least one of your freshman teachers to write a quote about you.
My Freshman Year
This was a neat year, because so many people came back from the summer looking completely different. The boys were taller and many people were thinner. I had opted to get contact lenses, so I looked different too. I was a member of the band. I played Percussion. I wrote for the newspaper, and I loved Mrs. Conner's class. I reconnected with a friend that I had previously had issues with, and I was asked to the senior prom. My dad wouldn't let me go though, because I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16.
Chapter 12: “Sophomore Year”

Do the same thing you did with the freshman year.
You might want to include things like learning to drive, beginning to date, getting that first job, etc.

Extra Credit:
Have at least one of your sophomore teachers to write a quote about you.
Sophomore Year
This was my first year as the Drum Major of the High School band. This was a tough year, because many of the upper classmen did not think that I deserved the position. I worked hard to gain their respect and eventually they came around. I participated in UIL debate. I placed 3rd in district in persuasive extemp. This was the year that my group of friends began to solidify. This group included: my future college roommate, Julia Ervin; Coach Baucom's daughter, Allison; my best friend in the whole world, Lance Patterson; my future brother-in-law, Kurtis Gerath; and various others that have since fallen out of touch.
Chapter 13: “Junior Year”

Do the same thing you did with the freshman and sophomore year.
You may want to add things such as Prom, research papers, SAT tests, the TAKS test etc.

Extra Credit:
Have at least one of your junior teachers to write a write a quote about you
Junior Year
My junior year was probably the best year I had in High School. This was the year that my friend, Allison, talked me into auditioning for the fall musical. I had sung on stage in front of people many times before, however, I had never once attempted to "act". I landed a role in the musical, and then again in the one-act play that year. Mrs. Conner is extremely fun, and I have enjoyed a friendship with her since then. I went to the Prom this year with a huge group of my friends. We were such nerds. We had all taken a swing dance workshop for theatre that year, and so we were the first people at Prom and the last to leave. We danced until my feet hurt (and I opted to wear comfortable shoes). I ended my Junior year looking into scholarships and I retook my SAT that summer to ended up with a score of 1220 out of 1600.
Chapter 14: “Senior Year”

Write a reflection of your senior year. Include things like senior pictures, choosing graduation invitations, getting measured for cap and gowns, etc. How did it feel to go through all those “lasts”? What are your feelings now as you get ready to embark on a new chapter of your life?

Extra Credit:
Have as many people as you would like to write a brief quote for you to put in your prezi. Your family and friends might like to reflect on your entire 18 years of life or 13 years of school. You may want to include senior teachers.
Senior Year
My senior year was not as "fun" as people make it out to be. It turns out that senior years in general are not "blow off" years unless you are a bum. I spent the whole year filling out college applications and writing essays for scholarships. I was accepted to A&M during early admissions in September, so I knew where I was headed early on. This made the rest of the year difficult because while everyone else kept crying "This is our last whatever", I was saying "boo hoo...let's get a move on!!" I was involved in everything by this point. I was a state qualifier in extemp, I was still the Drum Major of the band and we recieved a 1st division at marching contest. I continued to perform on stage in the musical and one-act play, and I was in tons of organizations. Overall, my senior year was probably the hardest, because I was so busy getting ready for the first year of college while participating in everything that I could in high school.
Chapter 15: “The World When I Graduated”

Include things like:
Who was the President?
what was happening in the world of entertainment like movies, songs, t.v., Grammy/ Oscar awards, etc.?
What was happening in the world of sports like who won the Super Bowl, World Series, etc.?
What was the price of any items during this time?

This list must include at least 10 items although you may list as many as you like.
When I graduated...
George Bush was President
Best Picture: Chicago
Best Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head, Coldplay
Super bowl XXXVI: New England Patriots vs. St. Louis Rams
Score: 20-17
Most popular toys: Bratz dolls
Most popular tv show: 24
Gas cost $1.38 a gallon
Chapter 16: “Friends”

I’ve left this one for last, in hopes that it will be your favorite and easiest.
Do what you want to with it but the topic is “Friends.”

Extra Credit:
Have as many of your friends as you would like to write a brief reflection about you and/or your friendship.
My Friends
Chapter 17: Epilogue

Tell me about your future plans.
What your plans are for college. What will you major in, where will you go, etc?
Are you planning on something other than college?
“If I Could Live My Life Over Again” or “Why I Would Not Change Anything About My Life”
My future plans included college, a husband, a home, and a family. I have all of the above and I am truly blessed.
From Mrs. Exum

I have one last piece of advice for you. There will be many moments in your life: other graduations, weddings, babies, etc. However, high school graduation is one of the most monumental events in your life. I know it is hard not to look at this as a grade, especially since you need my class to graduate. However, this is my graduation gift to you. I am forcing you to create something that you will look back on for the rest of your life.

This summarizes who you are and where you have been. Add as much extra to this as you want. I have only provided certain requirements as a starting point from which you are to jump. Don’t just add as much as you can for my benefit because you want a good grade. Add as much as you will because this is a summary of your first eighteen years of life that I hope you and your family will cherish forever. Make this project entirely you.
Christmas 2011
Addison Raye Gerath (niece); Kurtis Matthew Gerath (brother-in-law); Stephanie Michelle Gerath (sister); Michael Louis Pipkin; Kenna Mykal Gerath (niece); Bettye Jaylene Pipkin; James Justin Exum (husband); Jarra Kaye Exum; James Bo Exum
Connally Jr. High
This was back when east campus was the Junior High. We used to make fun of the 8th grade hall way because it looked like a dog had run down the middle piddling everywhere. All of the girls were in love with "Coach Holt" (you guys know him as Tyler and Alyssa's dad). And, we all thought that Ms. Campbell was weird. We were on a block schedule which I LOVED. It meant that you only had athletics every other day. I played Volleyball, and Basketball until I broke my ankle, and that was the end of sports for me. I took Spanish in the 8th grade. You had to walk over to the highschool for this class, so I had class with seniors!!! I was SOOOO cool :) I participated in every school talent show and won the three years I was in Junior High.
"Jarra was always wanting to do things by herself. In fact, her favorite words were "I do it". I do remember her asking tons of questions. So much so that I just began to make things up. I once told her that an "L" would appear on her forehead if she lied to me, so every time she lied after that, she would cover up her forehead. It was a long time before she figured that one out."
The most embarrassing moment from my childhood was actually caught on tape. My parents have a video of me in a VERY see through pink and white striped swimsuit (I am 3). The video shows me stepping into a kiddie pool, but the water only goes to about my knees. A few minutes pass, and then you hear my dad ask me: "Jarra, did you pee-pee in the pool?" And like an idiot, not to mention it is SO obvious, I answer, "yes, daddy!"
My most embarrassing moment in Middle school is actually one that I am proud of today. There was this girl named Iris Johnson who played on my volleyball team. For some reason that I was never told, she decided that she wanted to fight me. I spent over a week avoiding her at all costs. It seemed the more I avoided, the more she wanted to fight. Finally, the day came. She had told EVERYONE that she would fight me in the locker room that day. When we finally came face to face, I told her I had just one question. I asked, "Why do you hate me, because I like you." I guess she didn't really have a reason, because she just walked away.
My first real boyfriend and I "went out" for two weeks in the 8th grade. I think we held the record that year for the longest relationship. I just remember going out (with my parents) to see Titanic...the MOST epic movie to date. The part towards the end of the movie, when Rose tells Jack "I'll never let you go", well ,the entire audience is sniffling and wailing. My boyfriend just snorted and whispered "Look, Jack Frost". I laughed so hard that sprite came out my nose. Needless to say, many people turned and gave us the evil eye.
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