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Queen Elizabeth I


Justine Katerenchuk

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I
What Queen Elizabeth I accomplished as queen
-during her 45 year reign queen Elizabeth reestablished protestantism as the faith of England after her Father Henry VIII had

-to avoid religious extremes she allowed her people to practice their religion of choice in private

-alleged Catholics plotted to kill queen Elizabeth so as consequence laws against Catholics were tightened

-one figure head of the potential Catholic rebellion was Mary Queen of Scots and eventually she was proven a significant threat and in 1567 was jailed for almost 20 years before her execution in 1587

What was Queen Elizabeth I interested in?
Queen Elizabeth enjoyed dancing, parties and music.
Played the virginals and lute
Enjoyed going hunting and hawking, watching bear baiting, jousting and watching athletic events.
Enjoyed sports especially horse back riding
Enjoyed plays and especially loved when they made here the subject of their plays.
Enjoyed going to church and listening to church music.

-Philip II of Spain was set on converting England back to catholic and sent a spanish armada in 1588 threatening to invade England, Elizabeth personally visited the troops to encourage them

-Philip II had married Mary, Elizabeth's step sister, and wished to make a reunion of Spain and England and conversion of England back to catholic offered to wed Elizabeth

-Succession became a big problem because although she showed her talent as a diplomat, managing a few suitors like the king of Sweden archduke Charles of Austria and king Henry III of France

- Elizabeth never married being "married" to her people and her country earning the nickname "virgin queen"
The Great Chain of Being
huge ladder mounting up to the heavens
rankings of all matter and life
depends on how much spirit to matter
unchanging standings
god -> moon -> kings -> men -> animals -> plants -> stone and metal
Queen believed in this and acted upon it
servants didn't need to be reminded of it
How did Queen Elizabeth I feel about the theatre?
Queen Elizabeth I encouraged music, dance and theatre.
She supported and tried to help the theatre while the Puritans tried to defeat it.
The fight over the theatres resolved itself mainly into a struggle on the part of the queens agents, or counsel to outwit the decrees of the city corporation
Queen Elizabeth enjoyed the theatre so much that she stood up for it when it needed help

How did queen Elizabeth's opinion on theatre have a huge impact on the way of life in England
The acting companies "belonged" to Queen Elizabeth. This provided them protection from the highest nobles in the land. They were open to the public.
The manager could make the rehearsals as often as he chose fit. These plays were open for public viewing.
The professors of Oxford and Cambridge Universities condemned the public plays but praised the plays staged by the universities.
Queen Elizabeth insisted on keeping the public plays alive.
Queen Elizabeth I thoughts on Marriage
Elizabeth born on September 7, 1533 to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
King Henry VIII : 1509-1547
Edward VI : 1547-1553
Mary I : 1553-1558
Elizabeth I : 1558-1603
Queen Elizabeth never married
She thought of herself as married to England and mother of her subjects
Elizabeth used marriage to gain alliances and wealth from the possibilities of marriage.
Elizabeth didn't want to marry someone unpopular with the people
Early Life
Elizabeth born on September 7, 1533 to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
King Henry VIII : 1509-1547
Edward VI : 1547-1553
Mary I : 1553-1558
Elizabeth I : 1558-1603
Elizabeth became queen November 17th 1558 (after her sister Mary died)
She replaced Mary's Catholic advisors with protestant advisors
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