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What Caused the War?

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CJ Colicchio

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of What Caused the War?

What Caused the War?
Quartering Act
(1765)- Allowed soldiers to live in colonists' homes
The Last Straw
The Tea Act
(1773)- British East India Company did not have to pay high taxes, giving them economic advantage over tea merchants in colonies.
Proclamation Act 1763- No one can live past line, or else evicted
Boston Tea Party-1773
Boston Massacre:
Was it a massacre or blown out of proportion?
So now what?
When times were good...
Salutary Neglect
: 1607-1760: A time when England did not enforce laws in the Colonies
The French and Indian War: 1754-1763

GB & Colonies vs. French & Native Am.

Great Britain was victorious.
Review Questions
Why did Great Britain show control by raising taxes on the American Colonies after 1763?

What effect did this have on the colonists?

After the Intolerable Acts had been placed on the colonies, how did they react?

Write down your answers, then discuss with a partner and be ready to share.
What Do You Think?
Of the many British actions against the colonists, which do you think was the most harsh and cause for revolution?

Write your answer on a half sheet of paper and submit it before leaving
The Boston Massacre
Happened in 1770 ( 3 years before Tea Act)

Direct related to colonists' anger towards the British troops prescence in Boston

Colonists instigated soldiers, who then shot into crowd, killing 5 and wounding more

Word spreads about massacre to other colonies before it reaches England
The war was costly; Great Britain won, but needed to repay war debt
Colonies created their own government (Ex: House of Burgesses-Virginia)
Decided to tax the colonies, despite Salutary Neglect in effect; Colonists became upset
Navigation Acts
: Restricted trade and manufacturing in colonies
Stamp Act of 1765
- Heavy taxes on newspapers, legal documents, and letters
Acts on Acts on Acts!
Repealed in the next year because of Colonial congressional displeasure
Declartory Act
(1766)- Parliament had the right to tax for any reason
Townshend Acts
(1767)- Legalized Writs of Assistance, helping officers arrest smugglers
Intolerable Acts
(1773)- Took away colonists' civil freedoms, like trial by jury
Proclamation Act
(1763)- Colonists could not go farther West than the Appalachian Mts.
Boston Tea Party
: Colonists destroyed over 1 million dollars worth of tea in Boston Harbor; Boston blockaded by British
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