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the role of mental illness in violence


David Sangrey

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of the role of mental illness in violence

Acts of random violence and mental issues
Results of violence
What kids should know Let's start with PTSD. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms:
Reliving the event
Trying to avoid facing the event
Hyper vigilance- or seeming on edge Famous and totally crazed Who do you think can get PTSD? Answer?
ANYONE! So, what should you do if you have it? In this case, the best choice is to talk to someone. Just vent your feelings! So, how long do you think healing takes? Depends, months to years! http://video.pbs.org/video/1218601697 Mental illnesses Some lead to addiction to drugs and schizophrenia Most of the time, though, acts of random violence do not repeat themselves, but then other times they do. It all depends on the person committing the acts. But thankfully, most people are no threat to anyone, except themselves. Only 5-10% of violent crime stems from people with mental illness? Ok, so we have Ok, so another year has come to a close, and our nation has been wracked by all of the violent crime this year.
Let's take a few moments to look back. Who could forget the victims of the Aurora Movie shooting? Or the horrific Newtown shooting?
About 20 CHILDREN lost their lives and never had the chance to grow up.
This happened in a SCHOOL. Children are supposed to be safe here. Let's have a moment of silence to remember all we have lost. So, the question persists, what should children know? In 2012, our fragile nation has been wracked with violent crimes. There are many things, too many to name in this Prezi. Let's discuss: what do you think children should know? What are the warning signs of mental illness in children? Warning signs that you should know about include:

Mood changes. Look for feelings of sadness or withdrawal that last at least two weeks or severe mood swings that cause problems in relationships at home or school.
Intense feelings. Be aware of feelings of overwhelming fear for no reason — sometimes with a racing heart or fast breathing — or worries or fears intense enough to interfere with daily activities.

Behavior changes. This includes drastic changes in behavior or personality, as well as dangerous or out-of-control behavior. Fighting frequently, using weapons or expressing a desire to badly hurt others also are warning signs.

Difficulty concentrating. Look for signs of trouble focusing or sitting still, both of which might lead to poor performance in school.

Unexplained weight loss. A sudden loss of appetite, frequent vomiting or use of laxatives might indicate an eating disorder.

Physical harm. Sometimes a mental health condition leads to suicidal thoughts or actual attempts at self-harm or suicide.

Substance abuse. Some kids use drugs or alcohol to try to cope with their feelings. Think about this, you must. Reasons for violence Some people have hallucinations, or feel that they have no way out.
Others feel like they are going through an event again.
But some hear voices in their head, telling them consistently to do harm. Topic: The Role of Mental
Illness in Violent Crimes Research Report
January 23 2013 Some people have so severe PTSD that they will attempt to hurt themselves, even to commit suicide. In their hallucinations they may commit violent acts, fueled by their delusions. They may think that their "Dreams" are reality. Sometimes they even think that they are on the right side. Let's look at some of the mentally ill people who have made recent headlines. Adam Lanza James Holmes
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