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By, nathan handrahan Book by, Brandon mull

No description

nathan handrahan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of By, nathan handrahan Book by, Brandon mull

Spirit animals
Born wild

By, nathan handrahan Book by, Brandon mull
Brandon Mull wrote a book called Spirit Animals Born Wild
It is about Four kids
who train the great
beast, Uraza, Jhi,
Briggan and Essixs
The four owners names are
Conor, Abeke,Melian, and Rollon.

This is the book Spirit Animals Born Wild
This is abeke and Uraza
This is were they all live
This is Conor and briggan
All of Erdas
Arm of the Weasle
The tattoo
Everyone charge
The tribe of spirit animals
This is rollon he is essix's
owner. He has a tattoo to
call him out to fight and
protect him in any situation.
He has a lot of faith in essix and essix has a lot of faith in rollon.
Rollon acualy owns Essix like a pet.
I think that Brandon Mull did a great job with the story. These kids are so glad they might get spirit animals and they get the great beast. I love how they can call them through a tattoo. Even though this book is Realistic fiction It is AMAZING. I love abeke she is realy good with Uraza.
This is Abeke and Uraza. Uraza is the lepeard with puple eyes. Abeke when she got uraza her village was being attacked so she ran out as fast as she could.
Erdas is were they all live and do there every day normal lives.
This is conor and briggan. Briggan is one of the great beasts. He is a wolf with big blue eyes. Conor is one of the green cloacs he is very inportant
This is the whole thing of erdas where every one lives and plays
Mallin has Jhi the great beast of the panda. He has grey sparkling eyes.
This is how they call out there spirit animals with a tattoo on there body.
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