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Copy of Palestine Culture Presentation

Palestine's: Geography, People, Food, Pop culture & News

Razan Anabtawi

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Palestine Culture Presentation

Palestine's geographical area has varied greatly over the centuries, for great empires that came to power in the Mediterranean and the Middle East conquered the land repeatedly.
Israel, the West Bank the Gaza Strip, parts of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria were once part of Palestine.
Today, the region comprises the country of Israel and the Palestinian territories.
Palestine is home to Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
The primary language in Palestine is Arabic but most Palestinians also speak Hebrew and English.
Palestinians live both in villages and cities and remain to be mostly an agricultural society.
The only indigenous dance performed in Palestine is dabke. Dabke is typical of village tradition, tied to the natural cycle of growth and fertility, and is therefore customarily performed on social occasions such as weddings and feasts. It involves timed steps to the beat of rhythmic music played on traditional instruments, with calculated movements (often circular) and punctuated stomping of the feet.
Palestinians enjoy a lifestyle not very different from that present in the West, but always remain faithful to their unique traditions.
Palestinians often buy snacks or light meals from street vendors as they go about their daily business. It is customary to eat the main meal between two and three o'clock in the afternoon.
Many dine on falafel, sandwiches made with balls of deep-fried hummus, or grilled lamb sandwiches, called shwarma .
Pita bread is usually a part of every meal.
Other popular dishes include lamb, eggplant, chicken, and rice.
Also popular are pastries, usually made with honey and almonds or pistachios.
Drinking coffee or tea is a major social activity for Palestinian men, and conversations and business deals often end with several cups.
favorite dish served at weddings, feasts, and funerals is mensaf, a large platter of rice covered with a rich lamb or goat stew and pine nuts.
Although Palestine is a country filled with its own unique taste of music, dance, and people, its becoming more modernize due to globalization. You can find restaurants like KFC, Hip-hop and Reggae music, and almost anything else we get in the U.S in this region.
Pop Culture
Thank you :)
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