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No description

Laura Oswald

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Close-up

Viewing subjects close up has provided inspiration for many artists, designers and craftspeople. the Boyle Family are know for their close up studies of surfaces. Photographer Andreas Feininger studied the structure of natural objects. Craftsperson Heather Knight makes ceramic artwork inspired by the textures of natural forms and Georgia O'Keefe painted close up images of flora.
Research appropriate sources and produce your own response to close-up.
AQA Art and Design (past paper)
Record ideas and observations relevant to your intentions in order to create a personal and informed piece of work.
the Boyle family
Andreas Feininger
Georgia O'Keefe
Ernst Haeckel (1834 – 1919) was a German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species.
Ernst Haeckel
GCSE Year 9
1 x A2 sheet of
biro pen
1 x A2 sheet of
1 x A2
Oil pastel/collage/ripped paper
A collection of
taken during class and at home looking at natural forms 'Close-Up'
Studies from an
whose work looks at the theme of 'Close-Up'
large scale
response to the theme of 'Close-Up' using appropriate materials that show skill and link to one of the artists who study close-up.
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