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Elizabethen Drink


Caitlyn Klym

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Elizabethen Drink

Elizabethan Era Beverages:
Dummie's Guide What did people drink during
the Elizabethen Era? NOT Water! Why? During the Elizabethen Era water was not considered clean. They didnt have cleaning resources like we do. So, if they didn't
drink water what
did they drink? They drank:
The upper class society had the privilege of adding wine to their diets. Ale (beer)
Brandy & Brandy Wine (Distilled wine)
Rhenish (German Wine)
Sack (Sherry) Why alcohol? They drank a lot of alcohol because it was easy to preserve.You have to take the non-existance of electricity and refridgerators into
account. What did being "privleged" mean during the Elizabethen Era? $ It meant that you had enough
money to pay for importing items. FACT People drank up to
1 gallon of alcoholic beverages
each day. Did they have
a drinking age? There is no record of one,
but children as young as age 9
were allowed to drink alcohol! Wine Ale (beer) Mead Brandy What makes alcohol? Fermented grains, vegetables and/or fruits. Did women drink during pregnancy? YES Harmful? unfortunatlly. There was no medical research done at this time to show the harmful affects that alcohol has on babies. There was nothing else to drink so women did not have any choice but to drink alcohol. Unfortunate Affects • central nervous system disorders
• behavioural problems
• growth problems
• abnormal facial features
and... death :( death :( ! Multiple Choice 1. what is Rhenish?
a.) a slightly alcoholic pear cider?
b.) a very strong german wine?
c.) different word for beer?
d.) juice 2. what is sack?
a.)spain drink that is popularly sweetened with sugar?
b.) a drink from southern france?
c.) a distilled wine?
3. what is sugar and spice?
a.) type of wine?
b.) type of beer?
c.) cinnamon and ginger, nutmeg and clove that is added to wine and ale?
4. a tun is equal to...
a.) 2buts
b.) 4hongshads?
c.) 252 gallons?
d.) all of the above? 5. what is brandy wine?
a.) any strong spririt such as brand?
b.) white wine from the canary island?
c.) a distilled wine?
d.) a very strong german wine? b a c d c S
S Why did kids drink alcohol rather than juice? Kids drank alcohol because there was no refridgerators to keep the drinks good. It is true elezabethans could have made juice from grapes and other fruits/vegetables except they would have needed to be kept cold to stay good. Wine and other alcohols stays good longer and do not have to be refridgerated to stay good. How did we make our mead? To make the mead we used
grade-a clover honey
10 cups of bottled water
dedicated mead yeast
Citrus Fruits: lemons, limes, and oranges.
Sugar Did they drink water?
No, elizabethans did not drink water. They didn't have access to cleaning resources. There for if they did drink the water during that era they would fall ill. We hope you enjoyed our dummie's guide ... CHEERS. In Canada there is a drinking age. In Europe back in the Elizabethan times their water was unsanitary. They did not have electricity, and alcohol was the only thing they could keep good. Children in the Elizabethan times drank alcohol for very good reasons. Kristine's Essay Caitlyn Klym April 11th 2011.
Elizabethan Drink Essay

During the Elizabethan era alcohol was the main beverage. There are many reasons as to why alcohol was one of the only drinks during this era, electricity being one. Another reason is lack of sanitation. Finally the last reason is social status. All of these factors play a role in the popularity of alcohol and its lack of being restricted. Bibliography

http://sperse.com/mobile/search/web?search=elizabethan+food+and+drink&type=web In the Elizabethan times water was not sanitary and they did not have any way of cleaning it. They could not clean it because the economy and the technology wasn't as developed as today. The water wasn't sanitary and in this case alcohol was healthier for children to drink. Another good reason why children drank alcohol in the Elizabethan times is they didn't have any electricity. Having no electricity means they did not have any refrigerators to keep anything cold like milk, or juice. With no electricity it means they could not warm anything up to disinfect anything either. The only thing that would stay good without being cold was alcohol. Again another great point to why children drank alcohol in the Elizabethan times. What did not have to be cleaned or refrigerated to be good enough to drink? Alcohol! The big reason to why kids drank alcohol was because it was the only thing they did not have all the beverages that we have today. They did not have water, juice, soda, or hot beverages. They did not have these beverages for many reasons that were mentioned earlier in this paper. Children in the Elizabethan times drank alcohol for very good reasons. Their water was unsanitary, no electricity, and because alcohol stays good. Just because kids drank back then does not mean it wasn't harmful because it was it just wasn't as harmful as not drinking anything. Another reason as to why alcohol was the main beverage during the Elizabethan era. During the current era water is the main drink of choice, but during the Elizabethan era they did not have proper sanitation. There were no water treatment plants. If the Elizabethans drank water they would fall ill. In some cases falling ill wasn’t really the only problem. Depending on how much of the water they drank and how unsanitary it was death from illness was a possibility. Electricity, an essential part in everyday lives of humans. What if there was no electricity? How would one watch TV? Or better yet keep things cold? This is one factor the Elizabethans were faced with. Electricity was not detected until 1752 and the first electric motor was not created until 1821! The Elizabethan era was during 1558-1603. Elizabethans had no way to refrigerate their food and drinks. This meant the Elizabethans had to make drinks that were preserve able. This is one of the reasons why the Elizabethans made/drank so much alcohol. The last reason for the popularity of alcohol is social status. If you were rich you had enough money to import alcohol from other countries. It was a popularity contest between all of the higher status Elizabethans to see who had the most alcohol, or most expensive quality. The Nobel’s during this era threw parties all the time to out so each other. Drinking was the way they did so. Their social status influenced their interest and restriction to alcohol. The Elizabethan times were all based upon alcohol for many unfortunate reasons. The current generation has more access to other drinks the Elizabethans did not. The top 3 reasons being electricity was not yet discovered, cleanliness and social status. All of these things had a huge impact on the way the Elizabethans preserved, made or restricted themselves from alcohol.
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