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Helicopter Man

No description

Matthew Northrop

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Helicopter Man

Helicopter Man
By: Elizabeth Fensham
Major Characters
Major Characters:
Pete- Main Character, very brave
Michael (Dad)- Pete's father
Prue- Pete's second foster mom
Godfrey- Pete's second foster dad

Minor Characters
Minor Characters: Daph- Pete's Aunt
Bill- Pete's Uncle
John- Pete's first foster dad
Karen-Pete's first foster mom
The Collins-Owners of the shed they stay in
Matthew Northrop
The setting is around Victoria, Australia. It is important because Victoria is a very busy place and Pete's dad doesn't want the helicopters and black cars to "find" him.
Main Conflict
The Main conflict of this story is when Pete's father was accepted into a mental institute for his disease, Schizophrenia (a disease that causes people to hear voices they don't hear/sit and think for hours without moving, etc.) This caused Adam to go to foster parents.
Symbols and Themes
The theme of this story is perseverance. The theme is perseverance because Pete and Michael both have to persevere through tough times. Pete has to persevere because his father was in a mental hospital, and he was having a tough time at his foster parents' house. Michael has to persevere because he needs to get rid of his illness and it is hard for him.
Symbols and Themes cont.
- The black SUV represents sadness, worry, and fear because Pete's father thinks that they are coming for him
- The helicopter represents sadness, worry, and fear because Pete's father thinks they are coming for him
- The rats bring Pete comfort, happiness, and peace because they help him relax and not focus on the struggles of his life
Important quotes
"The helicopters are flying low today. Dad has kept us inside."
This quote is important because it shows how Pete's father is afraid that the helicopters are coming for them.
"Big cop hands reach down and haul Dad up. I find footholds in the wall and pull myself out. They then take us to the police station."
This quote is important because it was when the cops took Pete's father and put him in a mental hospital.
I think
Helicopter Man
was a very good novel. I think the amount of action was the best part of the story. It seemed like there was always something going on in Pete's life. Also, the story was written in a journal format. I think this was interesting because I could see when he was thinking about different things. I would suggest that people who want to read this novel like books with none-stop action that makes it so you can't put the book down.
The exposition in this story is when we are introduced to Pete and his father Michael. They are living in a shed in the back yard of a house. Also, we are told that Pete's father has an irrational fear of helicopters, black cars, etc. because he thinks that they are coming after him.
Rising Action
Pete and his father get caught living in the shed. The family kicks them out and Pete and his father have no settled home again. That night, they get caught in a tangle with the cops and get taken to the station.
The climax of this story is when Pete's father gets put in a metal hospital. He is put in the mental hospital because of his disease, Schizophrenia. This is the main conflict because Pete loves his dad and has to be away from him.
Falling Action
Pete has to go to two different foster families. The family he stays with the most is The Godfrey's. They are a rich couple that helps Pete through the tough times. Pete does very well in school until his father is ready to leave.
When Pete's father is released they walk across the street to a park. It is then they see a helicopter land in the park, and Pete's fathers reaction is shocking.
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