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Gianpaolo Gnecco V

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of TICS FINAL

Brainstorm your Class
nicolas leon
3ro basico

colegio: Esperanza
tipo de colegio: particular subvencionado
Unidad: my house
objetivos: nombrar partes de la casa en ingles atravez de imagenes y canciones.

Curso: 1er año basico

Camila Briones
Grade: 4th
School: Particular subvencionado
Level of english: Basic
Unit: "Body parts"
Learning outcome:
curso: quinto básico.
establecimiento: escuela básica Paul Harris.

Makarena Baez
Teacher name: Gianina Apablaza
Grade: 1 Año Básico
Type of School: Particular Subvencionado
Unit: "Seasons of the year"
Level of English: Basic
Learning Outcome: Students will be able to say
the four seasons using flashcards

Which goals do think are the most important in
English learning?
What is your approach to teach English?
Nataly Herrera
Grade: 1st
Prof. Gianpaolo Gnecco Vasquez
Type of school: particular subvencionado
Unit: My family
Level of english: Basic
Learning outcome: students will be able to say the members of the family by watching a video.
School: Colegio Patmos
Type: Private
Grade: 7th
Mentor: Prof. Claudia Rozas
Approach used: Communicative.

Gonzalo F.
5th grade
Unit 3 - What we eat - Healthy Food
Oral expression:
Describe characteristics of food such as colour, taste & quality (healthy/non healthy).
Teaching focus:

Using the Communicative approach, we ensure that students are learning English
not as an end, but as a "channel" or a "path"
to use English to acquire meaningful learning in other competences
Unit: "My Own Movie"
Level of English: Medium
Main Objective: Use of verb tenses (passive voice) the passive voice to nderstand specific vocabulary throughout filming a movie scene.
Specific Objectives:
Apply grammar.
Empower creativity.
Motivate teamwork
Improve pronunciation and fluency.
Begining of the class Time: 45 minutes

Activity duration resource Why and How
Warm up:
Excercise to call the atention
"If you're happy"
Previous knowledge:
What do you remember from the previous class?
Introduction new content:
Body parts: "Head and shoulders" song

Advantages and disvantages of using ICT on teaching english in Chile
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