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No description

Tasha Romeyn

on 25 February 2014

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By Richard Arkwright
The Water Frame does not ashame!

Customer Feedback
About the Inventor
Where to Purchase?
I am Richard Arkwright, inventor of the water and spinning frame. You may also know me as the 'creator of the factory system.' I must admit I have fairly good manufacturing techniques. Born in 1732, I grew up in Preston. I wasn't very popular there and I originally made wigs. After moving to Nottingham I met and teamed up with the one and only, Jedediah Strutt, who helped me come to where I am today.
I am the founder of 'the factory

and the first person to invent a machine that uses a different form of power besides the power of man.
This product can be purchased from the Cromford Arkwright Society Store, located in the heart of Cromford, England. If you're tired of needing to hire too many people, or have too much work in too little time, this spinning frame is definitely fit for you! If you come down to the Cromford Arkwright Society Store and watch how we operate the machine, you won't be sorry
Monday, March 4 1758
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Water Frame
About the Water Frame
Cromford Arkwright Society

The water frame is a water-powered, easy functioning, spinning frame that can produce strong and tough threads. It is the first powered, automatic, and continuous textile, and the first machine to spin cotton threads.

The spinning mule, similar to the water frame, can't produce the same fine cloths like the water frame can. It's the best. Read the 'customer feedback' section to read a couple of many happy textile-involved and interested customers' opinions on the [water frame.]
We are the Cromford Arkwright society, now fully focused on promoting and showing off to London, Richard Arkwright's, water frame. Our factory, store, and offices are located in central Cromford, London. Give us a visit!

"The [water frame] has helped me so much! I am able to produce thicker, fuller, threads replacing the efforts of eight people with one crank!" -Joseph Pencil, worker at Knot-A-Bad-Clothing-Store
"The first machine that can actually spin cotton threads! I love the water frame! Such a convenient contraption. Business is great thanks to Arkrwright, the father of the industrial revolution; almost want to keep this all to myself! " -Maggie Desk, company owner
Why the Water Frame?
About the Invention
-Company Slogan
How Much Money does the Water Frame cost?
The water frame, worth every euro, is at €12,000, retail price. One model, in light or dark brown, wood of course. We encourage all you cloth makers and those working with textiles to try out our Water Frame, you will not be disappointed!
Company Logo
Special Edition: The Water Frame
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