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Schoology - a platform for blended learning

No description

Victoria Miles

on 25 December 2014

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Transcript of Schoology - a platform for blended learning

What is Schoology?
Schoology is an award-winning, free platform for online, flipped, and blended learning.
What are some
Schoology Features?
Folder - Assignment - Test/Quiz - File - Tool - Link - Video - Page - Discussion - Resources - Media - Align to CCSS
How do I
sign up
Go to
and choose
"Sign Up"
using a link on the top right. Sign up as an
. For your
User name
, use your
email address
. Choose a
and type it twice.
How do I
a schoology class?
Log into www.schoology.com. Choose
, then "
". Give your course a
Course name
Grade Level
(range). Just start adding materials.
Some Benefits!
Flipped/ Blended Learning tool
Central location for course files.
User-friendly alternative to a blog.
Each assignment can house directions, embedded videos, files, and links to tools and standards.
Provide students with grades and individualized feedback.
Reach our digital natives!
Can I
check out
a class?
To explore a sample class, log in. Then click "
" and "
". Type in this code to see a sample course:
Schoology - a platform for blended learning
My Schoology Classes!
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