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Bob CLay

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Marx

Mars Describe the ways people have explored Mars.

Scientists are exploring Mars using robot probes for analyzing the
atmosphere and surface of Mars, and telescopes to map the surface of Mars.
Scientists also use photoghraphic satellites to send pictures of Mars back to earth.
This is a sattlite image of Mars What started the exploration of Mars ?

Billions of years ago Earth and Mars were similar conditions, by comparing both plants history can give clues to the earths past and future. Scientists wanted to know if life lived or lives on Mars. Teloscopic image of Mars This is a probe Image of possible life on Mars 1. 2. Explain why scientist are interested in exploring Mars?

Scientists are interested in Mars because they want to know was there life or is there still life on Mars, and can humans live on Mars? It is important to know if humans can live on Mars because it would open new space for people to live and would make new jobs available. There are new materials to build with, and maybe cures for some of the diseases or there might not be some diseases 3. A picture of what it might look like when humans live on Mars Discribe what scientists hope to find by eploring Mars?

Scientists hope to find information about our planetary evolution
and future by exploring Mars. Scientists also hope to find water,
sustainable atmostpher, and temperture. 4. Discribe the surface of Mars.

The southern surface of Mars is heavily cratered, but the north side has few crators and is smooth because of repeated lava flows and volcanic activity. The largest valcano on Mars is called Olympus Mons and its size dwarfs the biggest valcano on earth, the base of the valcano is 370 miles across and 16 miles high. There is also a valley known as Valles Marineris it is 2500 miles long and 120 miles wide, and would reach from New York City to L.A. , and its deepest point is 4 times the depth of the Grand Canyon. 5. Predict what scientist will be doing with the exploration of Mars in the near future.

"I predict that scientist will be sending space shuddles with humans inside going to Mars by the year 2019" 6. Olympus Mons Valles Marineris The south side of Mars By, Benjamin Marquis The resources I used:
"The Red Planet : Mars
Why explore Mars .com
Explore Mars now.org
The surface of Mars.com
Google image
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