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Cell Growth and Division

No description

Greg Evans

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Cell Growth and Division

Chapter 10 - Cell growth and Division
10.2 - Cell Division
10.3 - Regulating the Cell Cycle
10.1 - Cell Growth
*Are the cells in adults larger than cells in babies?
Do all cells go through the cell cycle at the same rate?
* What (if anything) might prevent a cell from growing?
Limits to Cell Growth
* The larger a cell becomes, the more it demands from the DNA.
*The larger a cell becomes, the harder it gets to move nutrients and wastes across the cell membrane.
The larger a cell becomes,
the more it demands from
the DNA.
DNA "Overload"
ie. books in a library
Exchanging Materials
Nutrients and wastes enter and leave through the cell membrane, the rate at which the are used and produced depends on the volume of the cell.
Ratio of Surface Area to Volume
How would a cell that continues to grow larger be like a town that continues to grow?
Cell Division
The process by which a cell divides into two new "daughter" cells is called cell division.
made of DNA and protein
every organism has a specific number
humans = 46
fruit flies = 8
carrots = 18
Before cells divide the chromosomes are replicated or copied.
The Cell Cycle
Interphase - period of time or life between cell divisions
The "cell cycle" is a series of events that cells go through as they grow and divide.
Mitosis is the stage when division stage place
The Cell Cycle
Do all cells

Controls on
Cell Division
Cells grown in a petri dish will continue to divide until they come into contact with other cells.

The same thing occurs in the body.
Cell division is turned on and off when needed.
When might this happen in the body?
Cell Cycle Regulators
Cyclins are proteins that regulate the timing of the cell cycle in eukaryotic cells.
Two Types:
Internal regulators - proteins that respond to events inside the cell
External regulators - tells cells to speed up or slow down the growth cycle
Uncontrolled Cell Growth
Cancer is a disorder in which some of the body's own cells lose the ability to control growth.
Cancer is a disease of the cell cycle so we need to understand much more about cell division to cure it.
Stem Cells
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