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Oprah Returns to Australia

Geography assingment

rach day

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Oprah Returns to Australia

Oprah Returns to Australia Location: Seaworld Drive, Gold Coast, Queensland-27° 57' S/ 153° 25' E Weather: In October we should expect a little bit of rain, but apart from that, warm weather with fairly high humidity, perfect for the beach and theme parks. Great Barrier Reef
Weather: In October, it will be mostly perfect days
with rainfall reaching up to only 35mm!! The weather
is fairly humid (around 62%) and it is pretty warm
(about 29 degrees Celcius)
Location: The Great Barrier Reef is along the Queensland Coast nearby to Lady Elliot Island, just off the coast of Bundaberg, up past the tip of Cape York- 17° 42' S/ 146° 44' E Flora and Fauna: The Great Barrier Reef is home to
millions of underwater plants and marine life. There are over
200 different species of birds (40 seabirds), 6 breeding species
of sea turtles, 14 species of sea snakes, 1500 species of fish,
5000 species of molluscs, 400 species of coral, 15 species of seagrass
out of the 60 species around the world and 500 species of seaweed or
marine algae live in the Great Barrier Reef. Leaving on Wednesday 5th October (17h 51 mins)
Arrive on Friday 7th October
Leave 16th October Cairns

Arrive at Cairns in 1h 49 mins by plane from Gold Coast. You will arrive at the Great Barrier Reef itself via boat. You will be staying at Water's Edge Apartments which is rated 5 stars and overlooks the water. It will take you about 16mins to walk from Water's Edge Apartments to get to Great Adventures Reef & Green Island Cruises, Tours (boat terminal).

Location: The Great Barrier Reef is located on the Queensland Coast from Lady Elliot Island, just off the coast of Bundaberg, up past the tip of Cape York- 17° 42' S/ 146° 44' E

Weather: The weather in Cairns is perfect very often in October with very little rain (around 35mm). It gets to around 29 degrees Celsius and it is fairly humid.

Flora and Fauna: There are many beautiful plants and marine animals at the Great Barrier Reef. There are 200 species of birds (40 seabirds), 30 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises, a few of the largest dugongs in the world, 6 breeding species of sea turtles, 14 species of sea snakes, 1500 species of fish, 5000 species of molluscs, 400 species of coral, 15 species of seagrass of the 60 species on the planet, and 500 species of seaweed or marine algae.

There are so many different species of flora and fauna because the Great Barrier Reef covers
344 000km2 in area and only 6% of that is the home of corals. Gold Coast

Sea World is the first place that you will be visiting on your trip. It will take you around
17h 51mins from Chicago, USA to get to Gold Coast, Australia, first flying to the Brisbane airport and making your way to the Gold Coast from there via taxi. You will be staying at the Sea World Resort which is right next to the theme park. It is a 4.5 star resort and you will be staying there for 2 days You will do that for each place that you go to.

Location: Sea World is located on SeaWorld Drive at Main Beach (one of the best beaches in Queensland) - 27° 57' S/ 153° 25' E

Weather: In October you can expect little rain but it will be fairly humid and quite nice days. It will be rather warm, perfect for the beach.

Flora and Fauna: Many marine animals can be found at SeaWorld. There are animals such as polar bears, dolphins, sharks, penguins, seals, stingrays and fish. There are many activities associated with the animals such as Tropical Snorkel diving, Shark encounters, swimming with the dolphins and the glass bottom boat.

SeaWorld was founded by Keith Williams in 1958. It is owned by the same group as Wet 'N' Wild and Warner Brothers Movie World. Both of these theme parks are also really good places to go if there were to be more time that you would have in the Gold Coast. Ayers Rock

Uluru/Ayers Rock is a beautiful landform, filled with both spiritual and natural significance. The colours of the rock change through sunrise to sunset, which is different to any other natural rock in the world. It will take 1h 48mins via plane and you will be staying at Voyages Sails in the Desert Resort which isn't far from Ayers Rock Airport by car and the Resort is just around the corner from Ayers Rock itself. It is about 4.5 in star ratings.

Location: Uluru is located at Mutitjulu in the Northern Territory- 25° 21' S/ 131° 1' E

Weather: Uluru only experiences 308mm rain all year round. You would have to be lucky to experience any rain while at Uluru. The weather in October is rather hot during the day but quite cold in the morning and evening.

Flora and Fauna: In Australia's outback it is surprisingly green!! There are over 416 species of native plants at Uluru. There are also many animals at Uluru even with the harsh climate. There are 21 species of native mammals, 178 species of birds, 73 species of reptiles and thousands of invertebrates' species including ants, spiders and bugs.

Uluru came into being around 600 million years ago, along with the Olgas. Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is home to the very famous Big Banana and the amazing Pet Porpoise Pool and Whale watching!!! Even though you won't have time to visit the Pet Porpoise Pool and the Big Banana you might just get to drive past these wonderful places. Whale watching is great in October because the whales are on their way back to the south therefore they stay a bit closer to the shore to keep their babies safe. It will be an amazing experience to go on a boat and watch the whales. It will take you 2h 32mins from Ayers Rock to get to Coffs Harbour. You will be staying at Wyndham Vacation Resorts which is rated at 4.5 stars. It is just 11 minutes by car to the Marina which is where you will go whale watching. Your session lasts for 2.5 h.

Location: Marina Drive, Coffs Harbour, New South Wales is located at 30° 18' S/ 153° 8' E

Weather: Coffs Harbour in October is known as the 'false' summer which means that there should be blue skies but a bit cooler weather than usual summer.

Flora and Fauna: WHALES!! Mostly Humpback whales because they travel close to Coffs Harbour. You may also see a few fish swimming by but the animals that you are going to see the most are whales when going whale watching. On the way to the site you may see some banana trees and different plants along the road.

Coffs Harbour is the best place in Australia to go whale watching. Welcome to Australia!! I hope you enjoy your stay :) Let me take you to some of the beautiful places in Australia, starting with Queensland Hobart

Tasmania's capital, Hobart is a place to celebrate its historical and cultural aspects but it also loves its flora and fauna which is why they are so famous for their national parks. You will be going to the Bonorong Wildlife Centre via bus from the place you are staying. It will take you 1h 51mins to get from Coffs Harbour to Hobart. Hobart is the last place that you will be staying in Australia. You will be staying at Surfside Cottage which looks over the beach and is rated 5 stars. It is about 46mins to get from the cottage to the Bonorong Wildlife Centre.

Location: Hobart is located at 42° 52' S/ 147° 19' E

Weather: The weather in Hobart is often pleasant but can be a bit unpredictable at times. It is a good idea to wear a few layers because the weather can change from cold to warm.

Flora and Fauna: This wildlife centre is popular because of its variety of animals and plants. Some of the popular animals found in this park are Koalas, snakes, Tasmanian devils, emus, kangaroos and wombats. There are various trees that the animals like to stay in or feed on.

Bonorong Wildlife Centre isn't a zoo, but it is a place for orphaned and injured wildlife. They look after them and teach people about the animals. The Aboriginal meaning for Bonorong is 'Native Companion'.

I hope you enjoy your stay. It will take you about 19h 21mins to get back to Chicago.
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