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Josephine Ang Go

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Harry Potter Josephine & Christina Agree/Differ Slytherin (Negative) Gryffindor (Negative) Conclusion Gryffindor (positive) Agree Harry Potter Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Introduction The first book in the Harry Potter series was released in 1997, written by J. K. Rowling. In total seven books were written, followed by eight movies. It has become a multi-million dollar franchise with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Amongst the Harry Potter fans there has always been a strong debate between which Hogwarts House is the best. Learners, witty. Ravenclaw's founder was Rowena Ravenclaw. It was noted by the Slytherin Prefect that Ravenclaws would backstab each other in order to gain the highest grades. Ravenclaws are known for their originality and pride themselves on their cleverness. Hufflepuffs resemble hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play.
Founder is Helga Hufflepuff, and its emblematic animal is the badger with yellow and black color scheme. Each house has their unique qualities but there must be one house better than the others. If all houses were equal it would defeat the purpose of having different houses to compete against each other. Gryffindor is founded by Godric Gryffindor, it’s emblematic animal is the lion, and color’s are red and gold.
- Bravery (Rowling, page 88, 1997).
- Nerve (Rowling, page 88, 1997).
- Chivalry (Rowling, page 88, 1997).
- Courage (Rowling, page 88, 1997).
- Daring (Rowling, page 88, 1997). -Traditionally only accept 'pureblood' (come from long lines of witches and wizards) students (Rowling, 2011)
-Due to 'pureblood' status are often seen snobby and pretentious
-Slytherins are willing to do whatever it takes to win, which can include cheating
-Often power-hungry - Their acts of bravery to do the moralistic thing have often led them in dangerous situations;
- Chasing after “Snape” in the Philosopher stone to protect the stone
- Opening the chamber of secrets to defeat the beast
- Going after a prisoner who escaped from Azkaban
- Fighting against Voldemort in an open graveyard without being armed
- Their acts of bravery often upset their house mates and other houses
- Often considered to be arrogant for their attitude Our compromise is that no one house is greater than the other. Both have their positive and negative qualities as do the people who are sorted into them based on their own personalities. -”We're like our emblem, the snake: sleek, powerful, and frequently misunderstood” (Rowling, 2011)
-”Look after their own”. Slytherins consider each other to be like brothers (Rowling, 2011) Founded by Salazar Slytherin, who searched for 'the seeds of greatness' (Rowling, 2011) in his students
-Cunning (Rowling, page 88, 1997)
-Use any means to achieve their ends (Rowling, page 88, 1997)
-Determination (Rowling, page 245, 1998)
-Resourcefulness (Rowling, page 245, 1998)
-Value honour and tradition (Rowling, 2011) Slytherin (positive) Difference Clearly there has to be a better house between Slytherin and Gryffindor.... References Rowling, J. K. (1997). Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone. Canada: Raincoast.
Rowling, J. K. (1998). Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Canada: Raincoast.
Rowling, J. K. (2005). Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Canada: Raincoast
Rowling, J. K. (2007). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Canada: Raincoast.
Rowling, J. K. (2011). Pottermore Slytherin Welcome Letter. Retrieved from http://slythermore.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/slytherin-welcome-letter-2.png?w=768
Rowling, J. K. (2011). Pottermore Gryffindor Welcome Letter. Retrieved from http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/24900000/Gryffindor-welcome-message-pottermore-24911160-553-529.png -Merlin. Most famous wizard of all time (Rowling, 2011).

-Draco Malfoy. He possesses a lot of the negative traits that are seen in Slytherins. Cowardice, superiority, cruelty. We see an immense shift in his character in The Half-Blood Prince. Malfoy is found by Harry in the bathroom, crying over the task Voldemort had given him – To kill Dumbledore.
“'No one can help me,' Said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. 'I can't do it... I can't... it won't work... and unless I do it soon... he says he'll kill me...'
And Harry realised, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying – actually crying – tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin. Malfoy gasped and gulped and then, with a great shudder, looked up into the cracked mirror and saw Harry staring at him over his shoulder.'” (Rowling, page 488, 2005)
Readers remembered that underneath the 'evil' that was seen Draco Malfoy was a human being.

-Severus Snape. Despite most Slytherins being pureblood, Severus was born a half-blood (meaning he had one muggle, or non-magic, parent). What made him not fit the typical stereotype of a Slytherin was his love for muggle-born, Gryffindor Lily Evans. He always loved her even through his adult years as she married someone else. The word “always” (Rowling, page 552, 2007) holds a lot of meaning to fans. It is Snape's response to loving Lily. It is often that a person's patronus charm will match the person they love and both Severus and Lily had a doe. Seeing Snape's patronus, Dumbldore asked, “After all this time?” (Rowling, page 552, 2007) as if to ask him if he still loved her after all those years. Notable Slytherins Albus Dumbledore
- Defeated the dark wizard Grindelwald
- Became Headmaster of Hogwarts
- Created an army (Order of the Phoenix) against dark wizards (Death Eaters)
Harry Potter
- The 'Chosen One' in Voldemort's prophecy
- Protected the philosopher's stone, defeated the basilisk, freed an innocent prisoner, hunted horcuxes to defeat Voldemort

Neville Longbottom
- The other 'Chosen One'
- ‘You can’t go out,’ said Neville, ‘you’ll be caught again. Gryffindor will be in even more trouble.’ ‘you don’t understand,’ said harry, ‘this is important.’ But Neville was clearly steeling himself to do something desperate. ‘I won’t let you do it’ he said, hurrying to stand in front of the portrait hole, ‘I’ll – I’ll fight you!’ (Rowling, page 198, 1997) Notable Gryffindors http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/6000000/Peter-Pettigrew-prisoner-of-azkaban-6094735-320-240.gif http://images.wikia.com/harrypotter/images/b/b8/LuciusMalfoy1.jpg http://images6.fanpop.com/image/quiz/948000/948926_1353508579686_250_252.png http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02348/JK-Rowling-SUM_2348620b.jpg http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120725170256/dumbledoresarmyroleplay/images/a/a9/Ravenclawcrest.png http://animeholicph.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/hufflepuff.png?w=655 http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSHjIe5JlEhXYd9OUhT6lrAMQxTuwT-fDseJ5iQa_zJ9leHeyb4jQ http://images2.fanpop.com/images/answers/195000/195292_1254428238736.14res_490_300.jpg
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