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King Arthur and His Knights

No description

Sophia Branden

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of King Arthur and His Knights

Main Characters King Arthur Queen Guinevere Sir Lancelot Main Events Ending Early Life The Sword in
the Stone The Holy Grail Excalibur Camelot and the Knights
of the Round Table Early Life King Arthur and His Knights Camelot in the
Sixth Century Legend- a traditional story sometimes
popularly regarded as historical
but unauthenticated Lady Guinevere and
Sir Lancelot Merlin is found in order to spread his blood so that King Vortigern could successfully build his tower
Merlin prophesies about the coming of King Arthur
Merlin made sure that Arthur didn't know who his real father was All the great princes, lords, and barons met to pray for a sign that would tell them who the true king was
As they prayed a large stone stone appeared with a sword stuck in it, it had an inscription saying that whoever pulled the sword out was the rightful king
Arthur pulled out the sword from the stone, only wanting to make sure his brother would not be swordless at the joust King Arthur needed a sword that would allow him to vanquish the six kings that opposed his coronation, so he and Merlin went to the Lady of the Lake
Arthur asked her for the sword and she gave it to him, but only on one condition
The Lady of the Lake asked that whenever she wanted something King Arthur would give it to her King Arthur's
Adventures After being coronated, Arthur drove all the Saxons from the realm and he conquered Ireland and Norway
He also slayed the Giant of St. Michael's Mount and he gave Balin le Savage an adventure The Sword in the Stone Merlin The Lady of the Lake Sir Galahad Sir Tristram Sir Gareth Queen Morgan le Fay Sir Balin King Arthur is the lead role in this legend. He is most famous for pulling the sword out of an enchanted stone, declaring him to be the rightful king. He is also the most noble knight and very devoted to the church. Queen Guinevere is Arthur's wife and the most beautiful damsel in all of Camelot. She is the middle point in the love triangle between her, King Arthur, and Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot is the most famed Knight of the Round Table. He is known for his expert fighting skills and for his valiant deeds. He has only loved one woman, Queen Guinevere. Merlin is the wizard in this legend who is ever-faithful to King Arthur and helped him through the toughest of predicaments. He was a youth born without a mortal father. At the end of the story he was bound to a tree by the one he loved. The Lady of the Lake was first introduced when she bestowed the sword Excalibur upon King Arthur. She was also a sorceress and one of her damsel's was Merlin's true love. Sir Galahad was Sir Lancelot's son, although they didn't know each other. Sir Galahad was raised by nuns and when Sir Lancelot visited, he was knighted. Sir Galahad was also the Knight that found the Sangreal. Credits google.com
Google Images
My Brain:) Sir Tristram was one of the best and gentlest knights in all the world. He was always heartily welcomed to the Round Table. He was the son of the king of Lyonesse, Melodias. Sir Gareth was made a kitchen page by Sir Key when he was just known as Beaumains. But when he took up an adventure where he fought Sir Lancelot, he was knighted by his true name, Gareth. He was able to overcome any knight that he battled with. Sir Balin was once a prisoner in King Arthur's court, but he was able to convince Arthur into letting him take up an adventure. Sir Balin was known for the Smite of the Dolorous Stroke, and later fighting his brother to the death without knowing. Queen Morgan le Fay was King Arthur's sister. Throughout the whole legend she tries to kill King Arthur, or she sends one of her damsels to do the dirty work for her. Excalibur King Arthur's
Adventures Camelot and the Knights of
the Round Table Lady Guinevere and
Sir Lancelot The Holy Grail Ending Camelot was the fantastic capital of King Arthur's realm, it was also Arthur's castle and court
The Round Table was created for all the best and bravest knights in all the world
The participating knghts were charged to be ever true and noble and they were to gather avery year at Pentecost to recount all their adventures of the past year Even though Guinevere married King Arthur, she still had feelings for Sir Lancelot
It was the same for Sir Lancelot, he thought she was the fairest damsel in all the realm
They secretly met in Queen Guinevere's bed chamber until they were caught and Guinevere was sentenced to death Sir Gawain had sworn to spend 12 months and a day to find the Sangreal and most of the other Knights of the Round Table joined him
Many challnges were faced including demons and being deemed unworthy (Sir Lancelot)
In the end Sir Galahad boarded the ship of "faith" and found the Sangreal Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere were caught together and the Queen was condemned to be burnt
Sir Lancelot rescued the Queen, but created enmity between him and King Arthur in doing so
In the end, Queen Guinevere retired to a nunnery, Sir Lancelot went on a Pilgrimage, and King Arthur died from a battle wound. Queen Morgan le Fay's
Deeds Queen Morgan le Fay's
Deeds King Arthur and Sir Accolon of Gaul were entrapped by twelve damsels of Queen Morgan le Fay
Under one of Morgan's enchantments they were forced to fight each other, and Sir Accolon was given the sword Excalibur while King Arthur was given a fake sword
King Arthur figured out that his was a fake sword and he took his sword back and won the battle
After a failed attempt at Arthur's life, Morgan gave Arthur a Magic Garment that would burst into flames when put on
Arthur realized it was from his evil sister and he put it on one of her damsels instead Sir Lancelot's
Adventures Sir Lancelot's
Adventures Sir Lancelot was a skilled fighter and always won his battles, even if he was fighting many opponents at once
He also knighted many of the Knights of the Round Table and stole the hearts of many fair maidens
Sir Lancelot was also the first knight to find the Sangreal, but he was deemed unworthy due to many sinful deeds
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