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It's About Time

Teach third grade telling time to the minute,five minutes, quarter hour, and elasped time.

Lacy Floyd

on 13 September 2011

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Transcript of It's About Time

Double click anywhere & add an idea It's About Time! Parts of an Analog Clock Mrs. Dragotta's Song Elapsed Time Elapsed time is the difference between a
start and stop time. Step 1 Count the hours from the
start time to the end time. Step 2 Count the mintues from the
start time to the end time. Lets Practice Spice escaped from the fence at 5:30 PM.
Mrs. Floyd had to chase her around the neighborhood
till 6:30 PM. How long was Spice on the lose? Bacca loves to go tubing with Mr. Floyd.
Bacca is trying to beat his record of
staying on the tube for ten minutes. Bacca
got on the tube at 12:25 and fell off at 12:34.
Did he beat his record? Explain your answer! Jessica puts cookies in the oven at
7:00 A.M. They need to cook for
18 minutes. What time should Jessica
take the cookies out of the oven? Sarah rents a movie that is 1 hour
and 24 minutes long. She starts
watching the movie at 5:00 P.M.
What time will the movie end? Michael begins reading his book
at 8:00 A.M. He stops reading at 9:04.
How long did Michael read his book?
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