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The 10th Kingdom

No description

Monique Agueros

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The 10th Kingdom

Synopsis: In this book, Virginia Lewis and her father, Tony Lewis, are average citizens of Manhattan. One day while Virginia is on her way to work, she runs over a dog that will change her and her father's life forever.

Genre: This book's genre is fantasy. There are some normal parts to the book and some parts that are very out of this world.
Synopsis and Genre
In this book, when Virginia names her dog it reminds me of naming my family's dog whenever we got her.
The Trolls are obsessed with shoes. Me and my mom are too.
Virginia also got into a bicycle wreck. When I was little, I got into a scooter wreck and had many bumps and bruises like Virginia.
Tony, Virginia, and Prince have to go through many little secret tunnels and Tony says how it makes him feel scared. I don't like confined spaces just like Tony doesn't.
Virginia and her father have to go down a very long and creepy slide. This reminds me of when I down a slide in a haunted house and was very scared.
Text-to-Self Connections
Text- to- World
In the beginning of the book, Tony gets fired. Many people in the U.S. are getting fired also.
The Troll King has a pair of magic shoes that make you invisible and make you feel drunk and makes all your problems go away. Many people take a type of drug or drink to cause the same feeling.
In the book, Virginia plays a game called Revin Rabbits, which is a lot like gambling on horses.
Kissing town is a lot like the city of Las Vegas because everyone gets married there.
Wolf spends a lot of money that he shouldn't. A lot of people have that problem also.
Many people have gambling addictions, just like Tony does.
Text- to- Text
There were many references to the classic fairy tale stories.
Jack and the Beanstalk
Snow White
Red Riding Hood
Brother's Grimm
Little Mermaid
Wizard of Oz
The Trolls carry Virginia over their shoulder, just like in the movie Shrek when he carries the princess like that.
When Virginia tried to get rid of Prince, it reminds me of the scene in The Fox and the Hound when the old lady has to get rid of the fox.
In the book Matilda, she discovers the library and how many books are available to her just like Wolf after his therapy session.
When Wolf reveals his tail to Virginia, it reminds me of the movie Shallow Hal when Hal's friend reveals his tail to Hal.
Written by: Kathryn Wesly
Reviewed by: Danielle Agueros

The 10th Kingdom
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