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Boys vs Girls: differences in gender communication

No description

Cassie Tingen

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Boys vs Girls: differences in gender communication

Boys vs Girls: differences in communication
Conversations between

The differences in
Gossip between women


Men in conversation:
Desire maintaining social status and avoiding social failure
desire information
try to be the 'superior authority'
Get to the point, desire efficiency, less consultation
Brain focuses on one thing at a time

Women in conversation:
Desire a personal connection and maintaining an emotional bond
desire intimacy
try to avoid a ‘superior authority’
Desire consensus, try to please everybody
Brain focuses on many things
Female : "Where should we go for vacation?"

Male : "I want to go to the ocean."

Female: "Really? What do you think of the mountains? Don't you think they're beautiful this time of year?"

Male: "Yeah, but I'd like to do some fishing and sailing."

Female: "You like hiking, don't you? Why don't we do some mountain biking, too?"

Male : "Yeah, whatever."

Female : "Why do we have to eat here?"

Male : "It's convenient."

Female: "Are there any quieter restaurants nearby?"

Male : "Not close by."

Female:"I wonder if this place has been inspected lately?"

Male:"Let's go in."
Male: "Where are the bandages? I cut my-"

Female : "Huh?"

Male : "I was working on the-"

Female: "Ooh, it's bleeding a lot."

Male : "I know, that's why-"

Female: "Here are the bandages. Do you want-"

Male: "I'll do it."

Female: "I could-"

Male : "What are we doing for dinner?"
Why do women gossip?
- Social bonding
- Power
- Addiction
- Obligation
- "To get it off your chest'
What's gossip?
"Conversation about personal matters: conversation about the personal details of people's lives, whether rumor or fact, especially malicious"
Textual analysis
The data was recorded in the private bedroom in the home where two friends lived together with four other people. The bedroom was chosen as it is a usual place where the two choose to converse privately and the private domain, according to Coates (1996) and Tannen (1991), is where women's talk is allowed to flourish.
Female conversation:
- Repetition
- Finishing each other's sentences
- Minimal responses

Women talk much more than men do
aggressive language, powerful talking
not personal
less details and emotions
Textual Analysis:

A: now omw home man, coming to you when i'm home
B: be here at 11 pm
A: yeahh if I can make that
B: when you're latksdf that's ok as well
A: latksdf?
B: *later
A: can see writing is already too difficult for you
B: yes
A: poor baby
A: just got home, takin a shit, then coming
B: ok
Influence of the childhood on communication

- girls taught to be lady-like and proper
- boys play loudly
"he's just being a boy"
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