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1984 by George Orwell

No description

Savannah Schmidt

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of 1984 by George Orwell

Savannah Schmidt, Ethan Lewis, Stanford Sorensen 1984 by George Orwell Rising Action Winston continues writing, "Hope is in the proles."
He goes to proles despite risk and discovers shop.
The girl w/dark hair gives note "I love you." Affair with Julia begins.
Their rebellion becomes love. Eventually use shop, safe house.
Realization of thought to words to action to death.
O'Brien invites Winston, and Winston becomes eager.
Winston and Julia visit O'Brien.
He confirms Goldstein's and Brotherhood's existence.
He arranges for Winston to receive THE BOOK during Hate Week.
After reading THE BOOK, telescreen revealed, and they are caught. Exposition Setting Rising Action to Climax In the Ministry of Love, Winston has six thoughts.
Pain in his belly. O'Brien.
Bread. Julia.
Blood/Screaming. The Razor Blade.
Winston is eventually taken to Room 101.
Thou shalt not, thou shalt, thou art.
They are tortured into surrendering and ultimately cease to be as they once thought themselves to be. Perspective and "fitting in" alters truth -Totalitarianism
People act based on what they have been taught, and what fits in. Is it then possible that if a majority of people within a community were taught 2+2=5, it would become a community's reality? Main Character: Winston Smith Location: London, Oceania
Time: Possibly 1984 Winston's Job at the Ministry of Truth
Big Brother and the Party
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength
The Thought Police and Telescreens
The Diary and the war with Eurasia
Wilson's fantasies and the girl w/dark hair
The Hate, Goldstein, the Brotherhood, and O'Brien
Newspeak, Syme, people disappearing,
Ministry of Love Conclusion Final Interaction with Julia
Realization of defeat
Understands "love" of Big Brother Tone Isolated and alone, disgust, rebelliousness
Bleak The End Falling Action Torture
Self Hatred
Release from prison
Winston reflects upon how he met Julia for the first time. When they meet again, after he betrayed her, they realize that their relationship is different from what it once was. The torture of room 101 changes people.
Winston goes to to Chestnut Tree Cafe to have gin and read the newspaper. "He was overwhelmed by a desire not so much to get away from Julia as to get back to the Chestnut Tree Cafe, which had never seemed so attractive as at this moment. He had a nostalgic vision of his corner table, with the newspaper and the chessboard and the everflowing gin."
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