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Theme and Main Ideas

No description

Katherine Zoda

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of Theme and Main Ideas

Pigs on the Island
Recreating Civilization
The first step for the boys is to elect a leader
This shows there tendency to follow social norms
Also, the boys form social and event groups to handle different ideals
Savagery vs. Civilization
They were going to kill the pig which would've been bloody and show how society was before civilization was established
Their life has changed - the choir boys turned into hunters
Recreating Civilization
The elections also show how the boys will always fall back to their roots
Ralph is made chief because he seems strong, not for any real reasons
This models current elections
Thank you!
Pigs on the Island
A pig is found on the island
Jack's reluctance to kill the pig shows the boys' innocent
The boys learn that if they want to survive they have to give up their previous ideals
Theme and Main Ideas
by Katie Zoda, Ravi Lindsey, Elizabeth Sheridan, Gillian Rispoli, Summer Schiappacasse
Savagery vs. Civilization
They established laws and positions for each person and group
This event also shows how the island can allow them to survive, if they are willing to kill
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