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m-libraries 2011 - mobile learning and the future

What I got out of the m-libraries conference in Brisbane 2011.

Alex Miller

on 10 August 2011

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Transcript of m-libraries 2011 - mobile learning and the future

m-libraries 2011 Mobile devices have finally aligned with people with information Worried about privacy? Give adults the right to decide on their privacy settings/ management. Let them say how much privacy they are willing to give up in order to improve their learning experience! It's arrogant to dictate how much privacy users should have. How do we trust end users can make the right choices? Educating them is part of our role. "The main focus should be on the journey, not the technology."

"Aim to stay in the game. Focusing more on saving libraries, not the library staff is like saving the hospitals, not the doctors and nurses. "

"Saying we don't need librarians anymore because information is online is stupid shallow thinking." @ASERLJEB The main game is staying in the game. Libraries must get involved re: restrictive use policies from tech vendors eg Apple & Amazon. #mlib11

@lindaxbarron Library staff must lobby against unfair copyright #mlib11

@ellenforsyth #mlib11 Denice Nicholson - calling for library workers to advocate for open, freely useable digital content for library clients Keynote 1: geo-tagging, geo-authnetication, capturing geo-data
Google ads for libaries - target adds based on geo-tagging
Libraries are social institutions, finally we have social devices and software to align ourselves with connecting people and information
Who cares whether it's print or electronic, as long as people are reading!
Aggregated databases are like giant grocery stores for learners we encourage learners to assemble their own meal, we are the chef, we provide the cookbook Over next 20 years, desktops will be rare.
All content will be delivered by a mobile device. @sabram peak time for libraries questions are afternoon and 10pm to 2am are your staff working then? #mlib11 not me I am zzzz by then! @lindaxbarron @MissSophieMac In Toronto 90% of students are on Facebook but only 30% of librarians. Librarians heading towards obsolescence unless trying it #mlib11 #mlib11 @sabram reminding people not to use the term 'information literacy" as no one wants to admit they have literacy (of any kind) issues @ellenforsyth LOL RT @katecbyrne: Librarians talking about technologies they haven't tried are like 14 YO talking about sex. #mlib11 @sallyheroes @sabram "we only get so many chances in a life time to get something right. This is a huge opportunity for us" #mlib11 @stemaco http://libguides.scu.edu.au/content.php?pid=148883&sid=1713294 SCU Mobile website: 22 free tools for data visualization - https://twitter.com/brettlwilliams/status/68504476373352448 Content Development: Francis Kneebone - The Queensland VET Development Center, toolbox champion, elearning consultant.

Optimising content for mobile devices? Presentation - Bit.ly/mlibraries
Done through elastic style sheets. Hicks design.co.uk is an example of how stylesheets allow content to stack itself. Look it up on Google. It's easy enough!
SDK. software development kit for developing apps.
Test yours - https://twitter.com/lindaxbarron/status/68531213551411200
Used SMS poll to survey participants - how much of institutes learning content is designed for mobile devices? Didn't look good across the nation!
Packaging clusters of learning competencies into a eBook as an ePub. File size builds up with video
Work with Apple to provide free, sample content in their repositories as a marketing tool. Benefits - access & download offline the future Learners are mobile, content is mobile, work is mobile, why isn't education more mobile? Links:
Bit.ly/mobiletouch Lessons learned:
Start from the bottom up, design for mobile devices first. Podcasts prove positive:
iPod shuffles accessioned with preloaded content availble for clinical staff and students to borrow (with clean ear buds). Cost the same as a text.
Free to access content collected from the web, as well as some subscription services.
Librarians job to filter content and seek permission where needed (copyright).
Collection is not static, updated as necessary.

50+ iPods out on loan. 100+ receiving content. Coming back asking for more material in their field. Iterative interactions. Specialist collections. Well received in upper echelons in hospital. FOMO @ellenforsyth #mlib11 exploring options for location based games includinghttp://www.scvngr.com/, scavenger hunt deluxe @lindaxbarron

@ellenforsyth #mlib11 hints from @lindaxbarron - don't forget that gps locations, different floors will have the same location (need to tell people floor levels) Before fibre optic cabling, bandwidth in Africa cost $7500 compared to the $200 world average. Only a select few have the luxury of learning online. BUT the majority own a Nokia mobile phone.

Tangaza - Swahili word means broadcast. Allows users to send voice messages to friends, family and groups. Kind of like an audio version of Twitter, but via the mobile. Kenyan youth adapted quickly.

Maktaba - Swahili word means library. Platform independent mobile learning solution connecting universities, students and lecturers. Search for courses. Simple, text based. All Uni's link to the one platform.

94% of population has a cellphone.
Trialing voting via mobiles,
Free banking platform to be released for mobile devices.

Copyright infringement much more strict making access to information for learning more difficult, huge barrier. The mobile phone is the default device in Africa @camcd #mlib11 Kenya is fastest growing mobile phone market in the world

@MissSophieMac #mlib11 Kenya using open ID to connect university students to mobile web across the country

@ellenforsyth #mlib11 Denise Nicholson talking about mobile DAISY players being used for people with disability SMS library bookings system
Assistive technology on the move. Working closely with disabilities consultants. [Capture-Talk, dolphin Easy converter > daisy.
QRcodes to send students to library login page, mystudies, etc. South Africa United Kingdon Uni Bedfordshire making 1 min vids to watch on mobile devices via QR codes
Info on the move. Social, searching, Outsourcing memory, contextualised searching.
Developed mobile app - library anywhere SCU - NSW Trialling software to translate article and web pages to audio, students surveyed wanted both - significant, complex copyright issues, lots of research and testing mDashboard for library operations - Digital dashboard, management tool, like a car dashboard (KPI's, visualizations of data).. All on one screen, at one glance. United States Toowoomba - QLD UTS - Sydney 6% of library traffic coming from a mobile device. 80% of which were Apple devices
Library news & personalized tweets, auto feeds through to Facebook & twitter. As well as
2 blogs. One for reading group, one for researchers.
QR codes to provide self help, to get people using their devices in library, low uptake because wifi access issues and trouble downloading apps.
Learn while you flush adds/ posters in toilet have increased QR code use & understanding Looking through different eyes
Edgeless, faceless, risk taking, access, equity, ways institutes are changing.
If all learning was f2f we would need a lot more buildings.
2nd old nephews first word was emooo... Said it every time his father got an email on his iPhone. USQ - Australian Digital Futures Institute @theatlasroom USQ ~75% of students studying off campus. (OS and AU wide) #mlib11 @theatlasroom "we cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them".#mlib11 @ellenforsyth #mlib11 is highlighting that we need to be thinking creatively and imaginately about how we all do our work, complacency is not an option Mobile is the fastest growing industry on the planet. Why aren't we using it more for education?

By the end of 2013 there will be a mobile subscription for every person. Set up a survey to find out what's happening with your learners video streaming Open access... Creative commons.
Blip.tv. Video file conversion
Embedr - create a playlist of videos in the one player, get embed code for use in Moodle course (embedding saves space on LMS) http://embedr.com/
Blinkx - video search engine LION: Library Information literacy Online Network http://liontv.blip.tv/. Sustainable development of information literacy content for mobile and computer-based learners Canada @marianb01 Lion tv has a Facebook page promoting literacy online with screen casts #mlib11 Mobile innovative display system of library service hours
100% students carry web enabled cell phones with QR code readers, very trendy.
Students are on standby mode, while teachers are on sleep mode.
Demonstrated mashup of library data, opening hours, etc. Visual representations via red, yellow & green lights. QR codes to go to webpage that shows where people are. Japan
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