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Elly M

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Lacrosse!

Topic 1
Lacrosse Equipment
Topic 2
Draw/Face off
Topic 3
History of lacrosse
Topic 4
Girls positions and field.
Topic 5
Topic 6
Girls lacrosse highlights
Topic 7
Girls lacrosse drills
Guys and Girls have different equipment that they have to wear.
Girls wear eye goggles, a stick, mouth guard and only some times a thin glove
Guys wear a helmet, mouth guard, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, a stick, rib pads and a protective cup.
Girls have a draw. Boys have a face off.
The girls draw is done at the begging of a game or after a team scores a goal. And same for the guys.
The girls draw is when to girls are standing on opposite sides of the field, they have the ball in between the middle of there sticks. they push and though up the ball, who ever gets it goes.
The guys face off starts with the ball on the ground, in between both of the sticks the refs blow the whistle and they push the ball out until it's on open field and who ever gets it goes.
Indians started playing lacrosse with wooden sticks and a and a rock
It's a traditional thing that all the tribes did. It passed down generation to generation

It started out as just a guy sport, but it evolved into girls to. Girls is a none contact but guys is full contact.
Girls have many positions on the field, The basics are defense, attack, midfield and goalie.
All of these poisons are very important. The defense has to stay back because if they cross a certain line it's called off sides and the other team gets the ball.
Box lacrosse
Box lacrosse is basically lacrosse, just indoors. It's mostly played in north America, it originated in Canada.
It's mostly played in a ice hockey rink, but with out the ice.
It's the same rules as field lacrosse. Nothing changes it's just for the winter time
Here is a basic game of women's lacrosse
Here are some of the drills that girls do for lacrosse

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