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Harnessing Technology in FE and Skills

Cathy Ellis presentation to MoleNet conference, 1 December 2009

Becta FE and Skills

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Harnessing Technology in FE and Skills

Harnessing Technology in
Further Education & Skills Cathy Ellis, Director of Harnessing Technology in FE and Skills
Our work so far Impact and evidence Mobile technologies FE & Skills
Implementation Plan Generator National
Prospectus Learner
Voice FE and Skills staff competent and confident in using technology to benefit learners FE Workforce capability Performance
incentives & data Colleges and providers using available data and incentives to plan and deliver excellent programmes and courses Content &
digital resources Helping teachers & learners identify and use good quality, tailored resources
& networking Opening up communications and networking, making it simple for learners and teachers to collaborate Generator ... the stats A typical week ... 9-15 November 2009 428 visitors

283 unique visitors

Visiting average 21 pages

Spending average 1 hour 9 mins
on the site in partnership with "Despite being seen by many as ‘digital natives’ students need guidance to achieve digital literacy and effective use of technology." Discussions ... To block or not to block?

Embedding learner voice

Creativity for learner voice "Social media and open source tools provide efficient and low-budget ways to engage learners but bring with them concerns about safeguarding and cultural change." Recommendations ... further work to support colleges and providers to enable learners to access networks using personal devices without compromising safety and security

provide guidance for producing flexible acceptable use policies that encompass learner views

provide evidence of effective practice in the use of social media as a teaching and learning tool
Harnessing Technology Review
November 2009
47% to 63% growth in colleges with learning platforms
which integrate with their MIS "Even the most advanced colleges were conscious that they might not be at the leading edge of using technology with learners. They also felt that they did not adequately reward staff leading technology developments." 15%
43% of colleges don't let learners use their own handheld devices in class ... do! 1/3 almost using mobile devices
for learning "Colleges employ a variety of strategies, including the use of hand held and mobile technology for recording learning situations."
85% practitioners using materials
developed in-house 25% ACL practitioners use online
collaborative tools every day "85% of ACL practitioners believed that the use of technology had allowed learners greater choice in learning opportunities as well as improving opportunities for innovation in learning and teaching." anytime
anywhere Evidence from schools shows
that it improves home-school links:
potential to tackle digital divide? Do our current assessment models
work as a means of assessing mobile learning? immediate personalised just in time learning flexible Becta recommends a gradual adoption of mobile technology into lessons Top 10 consumer mobile applications for 2012 (Gartner research, November 2009) 1. Money Transfer
2. Location-Based Services
3. Mobile Search
4. Mobile Browsing
5. Mobile Health Monitoring
6. Mobile Payment
7. Near Field Communication Services
8. Mobile Advertising
9. Mobile Instant Messaging
10. Mobile Music Becta's work on mobile technologies for learning Rapidly changing landscape
Trend not fad (enthusiasm is constant)
Sharing content with families
Opportunities for inclusion
Approach should be learner-centric not device-led
Can bring cost savings (e.g. sms for library loan reminders)
Evidence of benefits for pastoral care situations
Clear need for workforce development Final thought ... "we are only at the foothills of redefining educational change and, in future, changes in users will drive changes in colleges. Furthermore, when learners are in the driving seat of change it won’t be possible
to ignore the momentum generated.”
Pushing the boundaries of technology: Towards a future vision for the innovative use of technology in FE colleges, Becta and the 157 Group, November 2009 www.becta.org.uk
@becta_feskills Over two thirds of WBL providers believe technology has improved staff continuing professional development (74 per cent); learner satisfaction (67 per cent); staff satisfaction (67 per cent). Fewest (52 per cent) feel it has helped, to a large extent or a bit, to improve engagement with employers or learner retention.
See Emerging Technologies section on www.becta.org.uk
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