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Janardan Adriana Mikala

No description

lis lab3

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Janardan Adriana Mikala

Presidency of Andrew Jackson.
Jackson Makes Changes.
Andrew worked hard to protect the rights of the farmers,new settlers on the frontier, and working people.

His particular enemy was the Bank of the United States. He believed that the bank was an enemy of Democracy. This bank was given control of the money supply of the United States. Then he removed the money to state and local banks.
1832, Congress passed a new law on importing goods.
South Carolina's leader threatened to leave the Union if the tax was collected in their State.
Jackson sent troops and warships to South Carolina to collect the Tax. The Crisis passed when a Compromise was reached.
Trouble in South Carolina
Southern States had few local industries, so they had to import many products. South Carolina people were particularly angry about the new law.
Bad Times for Native Americans
Mostly every Native American tribe was in the Southeast. Native Americans made Schoolss and local Governments.

Sequoya, a Cherokee
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