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argumentative essay

No description

erika steinger

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of argumentative essay

argumentative essay
The rap on freedom of speech
THe Rap on freedom of speech
looking at the evidence
supporting your claim
argumentative essay
unit eq: Does music censorship violate the rights of the first amendment?
Lesson eq: What evidence will you use to support your claim?
Do Now: For each of the cartoons below, write two sentences in which you state the claim of the illustrator and the argument that he or she is trying to make.
What is the argument that the author is trying to make?

What is the author's position on the issue?
Part 1- In your group, you will read aloud the paragraph that was assigned to you. Then, you will work together to find the evidence that the author uses to support the claim. Underline the evidence and the main points of your paragraph and be prepared to share them with the class. You will be the "expert" of that paragraph.
Part 2- An expert from each group will share the evidence and main points that their group came up with for the assigned paragraph.
Take out your outline and refresh your memory on the claim that you made yesterday. Now that you know where you stand, think of the reasons why. Locate evidence to support your claim and prove your point to a reader.
Exit Slip: Do you think that political cartoons, like the ones that you looked at for your do now, are protected by free speech? Why or why not?
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