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Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

No description

Takayo Yokoyama

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

1912 first attendance
The Japanese Olympic Games 2020 and their Problems

leak radioactive water into the sea
Tokyo Olympic Game 2020
Fukushima Nuclear Power
"the situation is
under control
. It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo"
Abe, Prime minister of Japan
Why not Istanbul?
Political situation in Istanbul

Why not Madrid?
Doping Scandal of Operation Puerto

Worries about the economy and the unemployement
On the border to Syria

Series of doping scandals

Bad infrastructure
Why Tokyo?
"Fukushima is a long way away, it is no threat to Tokyo."
Japan's Olympic Games history
1936 and 1938 approved to host
Winter and Summer Olympic Games, but they couldn't due to the Sino-Japanese War
Host 1964 the Summer Olympic
Games and 1972 and 1998 the Winter
Olympic Games
It's actually leaking so of course we can't say that [Tepco] have been properly dealing with the issue
11 March 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

in August 2013
in the 1900 Paris Olympic
men's marathon, it was between 35-38 degree Celsius
over half of runners had to withdraw from the race

hottest months in Tokyo
Higher Humidity
feel hotter
shortage of builders in disaster area because of low wages
Officials in Japan admit that 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima is entering the Pacific Ocean every 24 hours.

it will take 40 years to clean-up the contaminated area
the Olympic Stadium for the Tokyo 1964 Games, will be built as a state-of-the-art stadium by 2019.
can be reused and moved easily
this venue is a major legacy of the Tokyo 1964 Games and regularly stages budo (Japanese martial arts)
It is the ideal place to host Judo for the Tokyo 2020 Games.
37 venues
11 venues
10 venues
Speculations in the Spanish Media

how does the government manage builders for
disaster areas


the Olympic Games
the same time
"the effects (of the radioactive water) are being completely blocked to inside of the bay"
senior TEPCO official Kazuhiko Yamashita said the water situation was “
not under control
,” appearing to contradict Abe.
their Problems
300,000 people live in a temporary housing
the government proposed to provide 27,000 houses
just 450 houses are completed
disaster affected area
schedules have been pushed back and building costs have gone up
builders go to Tokyo because of good salary

The Nippon Budokan
highest: 38 degrees Celsius
Application Cities
Rome, Italy

Doha, Quatar
Baku, Azerbaijan
Madrid, Spain
Istanbul, Turkey
Tokio, Japan
average: 32 degree Celsius
National Stadium
is it possible to prove that Fukushima is safe!?
Olympic games
Paralympic games
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