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leif ericson & Eric the red

Made by dominic & ethan

dominic Pantovich

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of leif ericson & Eric the red

Eric the red by Eathan main Eric the red Eric the Red was born in Jaeren in 950A.D. and he
died in 1000A.D.. His real name
was Eric Thervaldson but got
his name of eric the red because
his red hair. He was a viking explorer Eric Thervaldson) ( Patron country/person He didn't really have a country because
he was escaping from the law in iceland
His patron was his son Leif Ericson. He explored cause he
had really no choice he had to run away from the law of iceland. Reason why he explored Obstacles He Encountered He was running from icelands law which would not be the best so youd kinda worry for geting caught.
He did not have an actual map so you wouldnt be easy to navigate. He went through Freezing tempatures. Where He Explored He explored little of Iceland allot of Greenland and a small part of North America.Before he died. Accomplishments He founded a small part of North America And became a founder and king of the tribe in Greenland. Leif Ericson
By Dominic Pantovich His name was Leif Ericson He was born on 980A.D.
and died during 1025A.D. He was a Viking From Iceland and the son of Eric the Red. Leif is the farthest on the right Leifs Patron and sponsoring country His Patron was his Dad Eric the red Why He Explored He was Exploring For riches and land and cause it was a goal to him to find as much as he could before he died. Obstacles to over come he had to overcome the freezing temperatures
and he had to overcome the storms and ect. but most of it was cause no map. Where he explored He explored allot of Greenland with his dad and he
explored a little of North America before he died. outcomes of his explorations He bacame trbe leader when his dad died
became the first explorer to find North America Positive Negative He became first to discover North America
He became tribe leader when his dad died
He also became founder of northern Greenland. He became sick he did not have no compass or map
he wasn't that experienced and he lost 8 men. and his country was Greenland reference:www.enchantedlearning.com
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