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scribble the great and powerful

No description

Holly Porton

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of scribble the great and powerful

when scribble woke he set off to
find jojo. on his way he found a
thin river he went to jump over
it but as he did a purple monster
jumped up. "hello"
he said. "I am the purple monster".
scribble looked at the monster and
said "please can i cross the river and
did cutey eyes as he did. The monster
thought that scribble was so cute he agreed to let
scribble cross the monser the mouse Finally begin scibble the great and powerful Scribble got to the river of purple vegan chocolate and there jojo was sitting. they had a big cuddle and then they went off to eat tofu together Scribble on the move By Holly Porton but when he arrived at the platform there was a mouse! he wrestled with the mouse until it ran away Scribble then came across a bubble
monster so he sniffed it and ran straight
through it scribble then climbed up a vine till he reached a platform One day the great and powerful scribble was looking for his best friend jojo. He couldnt find her anywhere so went to look for her He thought that she might be in the purple
river of vegan chocolate so he set off on a
jouney to the river of purple vegan chocolate but before he went he thought to himself 'i am quite tired and sleeeeeeeepy' so he took a maaaaaaaaaasive yawn and went to sleep
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