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EDCMOOCS_artefact: What will the classroom of the future look like?

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Eirini Papavasileiou

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of EDCMOOCS_artefact: What will the classroom of the future look like?

Technology as a positive perspective in education Digital learning help children to learn by:
playing and discovering As education turn digital a new type of learning appeared. Help children to overtake their difficulties in learning. So, which is the future of teaching, teachers and education? Are there negative consequences? To avoid them we have to :
improve the sphere of learning technology
connect traditional classrooms with digital cultures
continue believing that the teacher is still the organizer of lecture. Why should we use technology in our classrooms? Teacher, Technology, Future by Irene Papavasileiou iCivics (for civil education)
MangaHigh (to teach a variety of Maths area)
BrainPop ( a variety of subjects, to teach everything from health to science) Learning disabilities such as:
Dyslexia etc. Resources Special needs such as:
visual disorders
physical disabilities
deafness etc. Blending learning with technology stops passive learning. Technology makes learning active!! Technology help teaching to provide learning with diversity. Game-based learning (GBL), free tool: In which way? For example by:
1.Word Processors
2.Reading Systems
3.Concept MappiSpellingng
5.Word Prediction Is that transhumanistic education??? Will teachers be disappeared? Lucas G.,(2013). What works in education, Edutopia



Tech Learning , March (2007),The Ten Fundamental Reasons for technology in education. E-magazine. Goods of technology in education:
Expansion of time and place
Depth of Understanding
New media for self-expression
Personal Productivity
Lower Cost Multible intelligence Multi-media Verbal/Linguistic
Interpersonal Intrapersonal videos, databases, emoticons, grafic art, programms, tools, audio, real time, diffrent places and spaces Moreover,
we should stop these
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