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Bluepoint Training

Pitching Bluepoint Training to investors

Jack Nisbet

on 10 December 2009

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Transcript of Bluepoint Training

Bluepoint Training Training pointing in your direction Who are we? Bluepoint Training is a group of like-minded individuals dedicated to providing superior training through advanced methods and techniques delivered by enthusiastic, experienced staff. Objectives Increase market share
Increase the variety of types of training available
Perceived as a new level of excellence
Utilise new technology to full extent
Cement position as a capable alternative to larger training companies
Brand image Bluepoint Training Head Quarters is based in Kensington (London) with plans to open 6 training bases spread across the United Kingdom (Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds and Birmingham) Courses available Customer services
Motivational coaching
Sales We offer 1 - 1 training and are able to go out to specified locations according to the attendee's request. Staff Attendees can either choose an open training program at a fixed rate or a more specialised and tailored training program which will vary in price. Total Number of Staff in BluePoint Training Personal Trainers | Multi Skilled staff in Administration | Marketing Department ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 5 3 10 BluePoint Training has a flat company structure due to the small amount of employees within the business. This will then allow all of the employees to communicate more effectively within the business and allow the flow of information and tasks to flow through the hierarchy. Amongst the 10 members of staff in the Marketing & Sales department 2 will be advertising our BluePoint Training to the public. Employees will be paid monthly with their wages being paid directly into their bank accounts. Each department will have one manager who is responsible for the rest of the employees within their department The manager of each department will also be responsible for approving/disapproving the main decisions that can affect the way in which they work. There will be 5 personal trainers with 6 years+ experience that will be delivering the training to the attendee's and another 3 multi skilled members of staff in the administration department that will handle a variety of tasks including recruiting new staff, handling pay and looking at further opportunities for further development within the company. Marketing will be in the form of telesales where members of the marketing department will tele-market to larger companies and see if they would like any of their staff to have some of our training. Will also be dispersing leaflets to the public and advertising our services in large well known news papers and magazines. Further Sales information Appraisals & Absenteeism Each Department Manager will be responsible for delivering the employees appraisals within their department. The appraisal will be 1:1 with the employee and department manager due to confidentiality, where employees are given a series of questions to complete and what opinions they could suggest to make the business develop further. The Department Managers will then have a 360 Appraisal allowing them to give their views and opinions too. Appraisals Absenteeism Most staff are BluePoint Training is multi skilled to prevent employees becoming bored and repetitive and therefore reduce the risk of absenteeism. However Absenteeism is taken extremely seriously at BluePoint Training as the business is only small a person being absent creates a large amount of disruption in the everyday working practices. BluePoint Training is therefore proactive in the management of absence. Even a short absence will result in an interview with their Department Manager, making it possible to find out the cause of the problem and to know if any support for the employee is needed. Where the absence is long time, the workers return may include a visit to occupational health and a phased work return. BluePoint Training also offers various incentives to improve attendance in the form of a £200 bonus at the end of the year if employees only have 0 – 3 weeks off work in the whole year. Human Resources Marketing Future growth Market size Advertising ‘Medium Weight Advert Listing’ on yell.com, £505 for listing, website and Search Engine Optimisation.

Facebook advert is a possibility, at a cost of £35 a day. Advertising would be targeted. Income & expenditure Thank you Any questions? This table shows us that we will make £23,259 profit per month not including advertising costs. This means with your investment of £50,000 we can pay back £5,000 per month and will have paid you back fully within 10 months. We are...
In the private sector
A LTD company 40% STAKE
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