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Opening the care package ..

No description

jen leland

on 30 July 2015

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Transcript of Opening the care package ..

Opening the care package ..
Meet with parent, family or youth for intake, informed consent, psycho-ed on svs and therapy,engagement. This involves starting to gather info for CANS.

CODE 323
Review any records and integrate into assessment/history
Code 325
Meet with child at school for initial play therapy-explore strengths, needs, complete MSE.
CODE 323
Meet with teacher or observe in classroom, score items under school functioning, observe in classroom;
CODE 323

Meet with parent to complete assessment; have parent co-complete Caregiver Needs domain--self-assessment and use
CODE 324
This fun Prezi will show how service codes compliment activities of intake, assessment, CANS and treatment planning

*disclosure: all people are unique and there are many different paths to care. this is meant to be one sample timeline and not meant to dictate your process.

Many paths to the same destination-care for our communities.
If child completes self-strengths rating domain on CANS,
CODE 324
for this time in addition to code 323 for child therapy session

Review records-prior therapist,
IEP, school if avail and integrate into CANS
CODE 325
No show (bummer)
CODE 300
Follow up with phone call and if phone session occurs, use
CODE 323
as you get more info
Direct entry into Objective Arts or (Welligent-EBAC) to complete full CANS
CODE 325
FINALLY...the 581!!!

Treatment planning begins using the CANS to formulate how to progress..many paths..

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