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science safety

rules and tools

samantha bazarte

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of science safety

The calculator helps you to multiply the amount you need to get your answer The calculator also helps people by multiplying measures to get your answer Safety Goggles How goggles work: Goggles work by getting any type of chemicals or any other scientific materials in your eyes. Goggles keep any other objects from you getting hurt also goggles keep your eyesight well Chemicals What an apron stops getting on your body: APRON What an apron does: what aprons keep What an apron does: An apron keeps any objects from getting you hurt and the liquids from getting on your clothes and skin calculator What calculators do to help you: A Calculator helps you by figuring out the answer to the question supplies glass Notebook Why do we need a notebook: We need a notebook to write our records ,answers and our reflects Also we need the notebook so we can study and write our notes down inside your notebook The notebook can also help us by writing our homework or putting our assignments in our notebook How gloves protect our hands: Gloves Gloves protect our hands by grabbing supplies or any kind of chemicals What gloves do to help: Gloves keep us by getting spilling any liquids on our hands or arms and the gloves also helps people to grab dangerous liquids or chemicals Thermometer What an thermometer does: An thermometer takes the temperature and takes the heat so we can know what the temperature is. The thermometer helps us by taking the heat and could multiply,adding ,dividing,and subtracting Computer The computer helps us research words and search up information. The computer helps us by researching history what is which for the tools An computer has information to search up and we can type out a power point and watch videos to know more information Kids don't use the hot plate that much the teachers use the hot plate because the hot plate is so hot it can boil water or any types of liquids Hot plate What a hot plate does: A hot plate heats up objects and liquids And also an hot plate is dangerous We use a graduated cylinder because it helps us measure any types of liquids Graduated cylinder An graduated cylinder measures water and liquids What an graduated cylinder does to help: Why we use a graduated cylinder: Timing Devices A stopwatch stops the time you have to work or do an assignment to do or an experiment for class What a stopwatch or other timing devices stop also time students: Assignments Experiment Tests Projects writing notes Those are some assignments that people get timed on A beaker is just like a Graduated Cylinder but there just different shape and different measures or numbers to measure liquids Beaker What a beaker looks like : Also a beaker does the same thing like any measuring cups or any other measuring objects Meter Stick The meter stick measures in centimeters and in inches A meter stick can bend some don't but in school people and teachers use the regular one The triple beam balance weighs objects to get your right answer so people get there answer by multiplying ,dividing,subtracting,or adding Triple beam balance A triple beam balance has hundreds fifty's and one through ten to weigh your items for an assignment A microscope has lens to see any small objects Microscope A microscope helps us by discovering objects and any small objects to see what the item is Also a microscope can discover what's wrong with the item and what is it
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