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Student as Producer: Developing a campus mobile app for students by students

Presentation at BbWorld, Las Vegas, Wednesday 16th July, 2014

Sharon Flynn

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Student as Producer: Developing a campus mobile app for students by students

Who we are
Explore @ NUIG
Where next?
17,000 students

5 Colleges

2,400 staff
Located in West of Ireland
Blackboard since 2007

Managed Hosting since 2011

Bb Mobile Learn launched 2012
Campus App??
Information Solutions and Services
Teaching and Learning
Student Services
creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by Ed Yourdon: http://flickr.com/photos/yourdon/3074128353
35 days - December 17 to January 21
1714 completed responses were received

What the bialann have to offer each day, and tutorial class time tables (find my subject name search), perhaps also a budget app would be ideal to monitor spending
A college bank account, like a tab to use in shops, cafes and bar on campus. pay your bill monthly but being able to see what you spend by checking this app.
Could the map be GPS enabled so that you're position would be available to see. And even better if you get could real time directions to a certain building! Even in 3rd year I find myself not knowing where certain offices are etc
A display of available parking spots
An app to book appointments at student clinic esp sexual health clinic as its often very booked up, or one highlighting current offers around campus e.g. in bhialann and college bar
Flirt FM Streaming Service
campus shops/restaurants opening times and menus
A wallet type app, where it helps students track their funds; rent, bills, nights out etc.
MAKE SURE the student mail is on it, and that it isn't always broken like the online one.
Ability to bend the space time continuum.
A list of cinema film times and price/location. And a something that lists good places to nap around college.
A music downloader of the top charts that comes on the phone and updates automatically when the new hits change.
Student Survey
Who was involved?
To the University
For the students
The Launch
What skills were needed?
Support for Mosaic
4 conference calls
email support
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