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Evalution question 1

No description

ross mcguire

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Evalution question 1

Evaluation Question 1 Conventions of a film trailer Story and narrative in the trailer The narrative in the trailer is very lose nor dose it ever give much information away of the narrative. we really only used shots and scene that would be near the start of the film itself so that the ending of the film wouldn't be spoiled in any kind of way. by only useing footage that would be taken from the start of the film then there would be alot of unseen important footage in the trailer. our trailer is quite convectional for a post-apoc genre. the trailer's pace builds throughout the trailer and this is quite common within the genre. trailers for the genre normally have many highs and lows throughout the trailer E.G the book of Eli.

In our trailer we never revel how the the apoc happened so this is a constant question through the trailer as this kind of information shouldn't be told in the trailer of a film of this genre. initial genre research for post-apoc. Our film is loosely based on "The Road". We went for a similar story were our main character was traveling to a certain destination hoping for safety. But instead of our main character heading toward the beach he would be walking north toward London where he believes there is one last evacuation on a set date. This is why our film is called "Up North".

Our characters are also meant to be similar to the characters that are in "the Road". we have our main character whom is a gritty rough strong person who just wants to survive and will do anything to do so. This character is Harry.

Our other main character (Louis) is allot more like the boy from "the Road". Hes weaker than our main character and seems to be clueless about what to do to survive the apoc. this character relies on harry to survive and really is just a hindrance. Methods of a Genre A genre defines a film and defines what conventions the film follows. The conventions of films are all different for each genre. Each genre has a different style of filming, editing and character development. I would say that i think post apoc films would reliy more on a character development to make the story better. post-apoc films will have to use different kind of places to film and this is a main element to filming post-apoc film cause if the location of the shots don't look like a post-apoc location, then the entire film wouldn't look like a post-apoc. this was hard for use to do as we don't have a large budget nor could any of us drive to go to places that may be like a post-apoc theme The narrative of post-apoc films all post-apoc films will have a similar narrative. this will consist of a group of people but can very to one or two people. these group of people will all have a common interest and have a goal that they all want to achieve. there will normally be some sort of conflict along the way amongst the group. which will always involve the main character either being in the middle of the conflict or defusing the situation and taking charge of the group.

The group will normally break up over time and be left with just the main character and maybe one other. The characters will some =times die over the film so the main character is all alone at the end. sometimes the main character will give his own life so that the rest of the group can survive but this will normally be at the end of the film.

The film may even start off with the main character being alone at first but gaining companions along the way E.G the book of eli or I Am Legend. but in this occasion the main character will pretty much always die so his or her companion will carry on doing what the main character was doing or trying to achieve. we went for this sort of film where our main character was alone at first but made a friend along the way. Characters of a post-apoc film The characters of a post-apoc genre films aren't very divers. all characters of the genre tend to be similar in each film.

The main character is normally of a strong independent person, that is normally quite aggressive and lonesome. we have stuck with this and made our character all of these things.

The main character would normally have been a normal everyday person before the apoc and has had to change to survive the apoc E.G The book of eli The main character in this film was just an old man but had to change and had to kill people just to survive. the main character or the hero of the film is normally a male.

there will be groups of people that may follow along side the main character. and others that aim to stop and kill the main character these people are known as the antagonists. the antagonist will often try and benifit from the apoc or try to take someting from the main character that is of value. Advertising our film. The main way of advertising for a film is trailer, this trailer would be publicly released and shown on TV and on the internet to maximize the potential for advertising. I have also used a magazine cover to appeal to an older generation. a poster has been used and this will appeal to a very large audience as a poster can go on such things as billboards.

The trailer is a good form of advertising as it shows key elements of the film that we will be releasing but doesn't let to much of the narrative out to the viewer. the trailer for a film can be a make or break point for film. as if the trailer is bad then no-one will want to see the film as it wont look good to the viewer of the trailer.
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