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There is very little skill to use a remote but it still invo

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Steven Fraser

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of There is very little skill to use a remote but it still invo

HOW to work a TV remote
Tyler O'Mara

Step 2
Phase 3
Next point the remote at the tv box (Ir beacons). Look where located if not sure where, it is very important that you know where this is. There can’t be anything blocking the path the remote takes to the TV or when you go to change the channel it won’t work.
Warning keep away from water

There is very little skill to use a remote but it still involves learning. This will involve the materials such as the following:

Screw driver (depends on remote)
IR beacon/sensor- The IR beacon receives the information that the remote sends
The IR sensor sends the remote information to the IR beacon
Remote (goes with TV)

Finally push the numbers on the number pad to change the channel to your choosing. Enjoy!
First you take off the back. You may need a screw driver to do so. The remote located to your left would require just using your finger to slide the tab down to open the back. However the remote on the left would involve a screw driver in order to find the batteries. Warning don’t poke/ stab yourself with the screw driver.
Second Place in the correct type of batteries in to the back of the remote (most remotes take double A batteries). Once the batteries all snug into place you can reclose the remote. Note that you have to change the batteries after time. Each amount of time between when you use the batteries and change them depends on own
much the batteries and remote are used. This will most likely be the case if you are having trouble changing the channel.
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