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Cams Hill School-music in a wider context

No description

Aimee Phillips

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Cams Hill School-music in a wider context

Music in a Context... "Grace" Jeff Buckley WIDER Rock and Pop in the 90's "Nevermind" Nirvana Jeffery Scott "Jeff" Buckley He spent six years playing Buckley Grace was Buckley's only million over 2 completed album, recorded only gradually it crept up copies... between 1993 and 1994.
It originally worldwide! peaked at #149 on the
charts but then and sold heavy metal bands. "Nevermind" was the Nirvana's first single from this album and was also their most successful song. "Smells like Teen Spirit" was second studio album of the American the 24th of September 1991. By January 1992, it had toped Micheal Jackson's "Dangerous" to be number #1. "Nevermind" had three other hit singles: "Come as you are",
"Lithium" and "In Bloom". alternative rock to a more mainstream Nevermind was the album that bought audience and was then deemed one of the best albums of all times. rock group Nirvana and was released on Nirvana were American Band formed by Kurt 1987. (bass guitarist) in Aberdeen, Cobain (singer and guitarist) and Krist Novoselic Washington in but their longest serving man was Dave Grolh who joined the band in 1990. The band never had a full time drumer Nirvana we established as a grunge band in independent album, "Bleach", with "Sub Pop" Seattle in the late 1980's, releasing their first They then signed to DGC Records and released their first successful single "Smells like Teen Spirit" in 1991. Unfortunately though, Nirvana didn't last too much longer. The death of the leader Kurt Cobain came in 1994 after their tour was canceled. In early 1994 the band were on their European Tour, on the 4th prescripted Rohyponl and alcohol. After this, the rest of the hospital and the doctors say it was the result of a mixture of him unconscious in their hotel room. Cobain was rushed to of March, whilst in Rome, Cobain's wife, Courtney Love found who was also a musician. of his dad, musical family in the form November 1966 was born on 17th of into a Tim Buckley 29th Mississippi River on part of the after in jazz, reggae, drowning in the the playing died accidentally Wolf River Harbour, May 1997. in hotels, roots rock and unfortunately tour was canceled. head in his Seatle with a self inflicted shotgun wound to his Seattle. a week later on the 8th of Aprill 1994 Cobain was found after less then a week he climbed over the wall and got a plane back to A few weeks later Cobain admitted himself into rehab but home. Metallica with "Metallica" (1991) Who else was BIG in the 90's? U2 with "Achtung Baby" (1991) R.E.M with "Automatic for the People" (1992) Pink Floyd with "Devision Bell" (1994) The hip-hop scene changed between MC Hip-Hop Changes So much so, some albums had " It went from being "Sanitized" to more "Gangsta" style. Hammer to Snoop Doggy Dog. What about in the UK? Dance music was dominating the UK Charts. American "Grung" music was also big at this time. Pop music was big too. content or warning" lables explicit on them! 1994 America -
Pop-Punk Green Day - Dookie dookie was Green Day's third album and was released in 1994. It is their most successful Album to date and produced 5 hit singles: It charted at no. 2 on the US top 200 Billboard and charted in 7 countries! Longview When I Come Around Basket Case Welcome to
Paradise She In the UK... Oasis
Pulp... Brit-Pop Producers wanted their artist's to fit into categories such as:
Heaver Metal; Jungle; Cool Jazz; Texas Blues etc. Marketing and Selling For each single that was released a music video had to be produced aswell to be watched by millions on MTV and eventually on YouTube. It also boosted publicity of your CD so people would want to go out and buy your CD too. In the early 90's it was important to get your songs played on MTV because the masses of people who watch that would see your song and buy it. This helps the companies advertise Record Companies employ people to find out what the public want to here so the can get their artists to create music in a way that will sell. So the buyer would know what was going on on an album. them because now they can advertise to a specific group of people and get more
buyers. Even though the Artist is doing all the Singing, The Producer the Producer is just as inportant. The Producer will work with an artist all the time helping them with their song. The producers will make most of the creative decissions and will help the artist get a distinctive sound out through their music. Record Companies will mostly assign a Producers but big Artist will sometimes pick themselves. These days, the Producer will try and make a name for themselves by showing off their distinctive sound in all peices they produce.
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