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Motion graphics

No description

Magdalena Kaleta

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Motion graphics

What is a motion graphic?
It is combination of video and animation or different kind of footage. It can be a video animation, which combine illustration and images. They are put together and create illusion of movement. They are usually combined with audio. Motion graphics are displayed through electronic media.
They can have different kind of shapes and motions.
1.) Adverts
This is a good example of a motion graphic of a film credit from the film "300". Visual effect used here is 2D animation.
Blood is splashing all over the screen but it's more still than realistic. The soldiers aren't moving, they are just posing still.Camera is just closing up and going away from them. Arrows are moving across the screen from one point to another. The blood is kind of in a slow motion effect. We can see that the credit suggests that the movie is violent. The font is distinctive. There is not many colors used, mostly black, red and kind of yellow/orange for the background. Camera is moving around the graphics (motion).
Uses of motion graphics
Image by Tom Mooring
2.)Film credits
Motion graphics
3.) Logo sting
This is a motion graphic of a logo. The parts of the logo appear on the screen. The middle "circle" of the logo turns around and disappear in the back while turning around. The text of the logo disappears by closing up.
Visual effect is 3D animation. There is a smog effect. Colors used are yellow and grey for the smog, black for the background.
What is compositing video?
It is several videos composed (layered) over each other to create one video. It's often used to take an object that isn't in a footage and add it there.
Example of motion graphics.
Examples of video compositing using green screen.
This motion graphic is used for coca-cola advert. As you can see on the video, there are graphics synchronized with a sound. Graphics in motion. Effect used is 2D animation.In the beginning there are just dots moving to the sound. They are becoming smaller and bigger. Then they turn into coca cola lids.
Two bottles of coca cola appear and shift around. Graphic designs appear out of the bottles. After bottle appears and moves in a circle to create a flower out of bottles. In the middle of the flower a coca cola lid is becoming bigger. Then again coca cola bottles are shifting and moving around the screen until they become one.
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