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The Last King Of Scotland

No description

Ebrahim Hyder

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Last King Of Scotland

Main Themes
Amin's Personality and Psyche
Character Exploration
Conclusion The Last King Of Scotland Synopsis Adapted from a novel by Giles Foden

Tracks Nicholas Garrigan's search for adventure in Africa

Amin persuades Nicholas to be his personal doctor

Provides viewers a glimpse into Amin's manic world

Oblivious to the atrocities, Nicholas enjoys the benefits of Amin's position

Horror and betrayal ensue as Nicholas tries to escape Uganda alive Ease of being lured into a dictatorial regime

Cost of extreme naiveté during political upheaval

Inertia to act morally under radical political conditions

Nicholas' struggles with whether his behavior is ethical or not (bus scene) Main Themes Amin's Psyche Whitaker embodies the character of Idi Amin

He is a champion seducer

At first comes across as cuddly and huggable

Witness his seductive power when addressing a large crowd

Viewer experiences his volatile personality and manic behavior

Often displays glimpses of madman within Character Review: Nicholas Garrigan Happy-go-lucky Scottish medical graduate

Ends up being Amin's personal physician

Lives on Amin's property, drives his fancy car and wears clothes made by Amin's tailor

Insular world prevents him from seeing atrocities around him (corruption & murder)

He ignores advice from a British diplomat and has a relationship with Amin's wife

Self-pleasing naiveté reflects his seduction by Amin

And that's the main point of this movie: Conclusion This film puts forth the reasons for such complicity About the lure of power and the lengths people go to get power Film is a condemnation of dictators' men over time Men who served under Stalin, Hitler or Mao surely had the moral sense to know they were aligned with evil
But yet they stayed Amin's dictatorial leadership style:
Wields all the power
Unrealistic demands
Excessive discipline and punishment
Nobody can question his authority THANK YOU Standing by idly while tyrants lay waste to humanity Press Interview Amin Seeks Advice Liberation Speech "I'm Scottish" Ebrahim Hyder Character Review: Idi Amin Mercurial (adj.) - Quick and changeable in temperament; volatile
All qualities Forest Whitaker gives Amin Plays him as charming and comical, but also paranoid and chilling Switch off the charm and turn on the menace in a blink of a eye Whitaker uncorks Amin's power and shows his manic and disturbed state He inhabits the screen and makes his presence felt in every scene
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